Duradek Deck Designs

The sun is shining! – Your deck… not so much!

But do you repair, or rebuild your deck? Deck design conundrum enter stage right!

When you’re contemplating your deck design, ask yourself these questions:

1. After I’ve designed and built my deck, do I want to spend a significant part of my precious summer time maintaining my deck?

2. Do I want to design a deck that will add value to my home?

3. Do I want to build a deck with a material that has a 4-decade history of exceptional performance?

4. Do I want my deck design to include a product that has an industry leading warranty installed only be approved and accredited professionals?

5. Do I want my deck design to add functionality to my home by creating usable space beneath my deck?

Duradek has been delivering low-maintenance decking material solutions to deck design conundrums since 1974.

Duradek will not only add value to your home, but it adds in a healthy dose of “awesome” as well:
– Awesome looks and finish
– Awesome barbecue filled afternoons
– Awesome hot-tub days and nights… just to mention a few.

Duradek delivers solutions that add functionality to your home, creating additional usable space beneath your deck space. Storage? Rec-room? New Room? With Duradek a whole new world of uses opens to you.

Contact a local approved Duradek applicator to get started today!

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