Duradek Assists in Understanding ICC Code Classifications in Deck Waterproofing

While the overall purpose of the ICC (the International Code Council) to provide building industry professionals with the tools needed to ensure public safety in the built environment is the cornerstone for the development of state adopted I-Codes, navigating the waters of the code classifications, requirements and ratings can leave even the most technical minded professionals scratching their heads.

Interpreting ICC-ES Reports

ICC-ES LogoICC Evaluation Services provides a reliable and comprehensive method for evaluating building products for code compliance. A valuable reference for architects, specifiers, builders, and even homeowners to have the peace of mind that the products used in the construction of their project are reliable for their purpose, ICC-ES Reports can authenticate code compliance and provide a method of comparing building product options.

However, with the range of acceptance criteria and testing required for each classification, getting an ‘apples to apples’ comparison is not always a straight forward query. Even when products receive similar testing, there can sometimes seem to be a significant ‘grey area’ to what standards were actually tested.

Duradek Simplifies Comparing Deck Coatings and Coverings Code Compliance

Anatomy of An ICC-ES Report: Duradek's Interpretation and Comparison of ICC Evaluations for Pedestrian Traffic Coatings
Duradek’s Interpretation and Comparison of ICC Evaluations for Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

Duradek Technical Manager, Len Viegener performed a detailed analysis of products listed on the ICC-ES website as ‘Pedestrian Traffic Coatings’. In addition to providing a thorough comparison of products in this category, there is a simplified explanation of how to read an ICC-ES Evaluation Report in Duradek’s “The Anatomy of an ICC-ES Report” (2-sided tri-fold, legal sized .pdf). Most of the material included in this brochure is obtained directly from the ICC-ES website, organized to best compare pedestrian traffic coating products. (Please refer to this site for current ICC-ES Report information).

Note: Duradek is classified as a:

  • Pedestrian Traffic Coating
  • Walking Deck and Classified Roof Covering (AC39)
  • Membrane Roof Covering System (AC75)

ICC-ES also provides an instructional video on YouTube on how to read an ICC-ES report that you may find valuable. As muddy as the waters may seem when you start to compare building material evaluation reports, once you really understand what you are truly looking at, you can make much more educated and informed choices in selecting materials for your deck building project needs.

Application of ICC and I-Codes

To ensure projects and building products used to meet building code standards, the ICC is a valuable reference point.  50 states and the District of Columbia have adopted the I-Codes at the state or jurisdictional level. While the 2012 I-Codes have been published, most states have yet to adopt them, relying on the 2009 I-Codes. Meanwhile, the ICC-Code Development Schedule is already in progress for the 2015 I-Code edition.

There is a great deal of deck-specific detailing in a proposal in front of the ICC-Code Committee and the North America Deck and Railing Association’s (NADRA) technical advisor, Glen Mathewson will represent NADRA at the ICC hearings. Glen Mathewson is a contributing editor of Professional Deck Builder magazine and you can read his contributions on ICC Codes on the PDB website.

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