Decking is a Hot Topic at JLC Live Northwest

JLC Live Northwest takes place December 4th to 6th, 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon and both new and seasoned decking professionals in the Pacific Northwest can benefit from the variety of educational opportunities specific to decking and waterproofing best practices.

Decks have been a hot ticket topic and feature in residential construction for quite some time and the market is not showing any signs of letting up. Each year there are a variety of new products, styles, options and accessories to consider and the exhibit floor at JLC Live Northwest is a great way to check them all out in one place.

More importantly, with deck building codes getting revised and the bar consistently getting raised on deck structure and safety, there is value to be gained from Deck Construction Technology, one of 7 interactive building clinics throughout the show that will discuss the highlights of current decking topics and options. The collection of decking and waterproofing related topics covered by JLC Live NW’s education sessions is well worth attending to ensure if you are a decking or waterproofing professional, you are on top of your game from all angles.

Education Tracks at JLC Live NW

JLC Live NW offers a thorough collection of education sessions in 4 tracks over the course of the show. These courses bring you to a new level of expertise with real world construction education providing first hand, in-depth practical information for your business.  You can register for individual courses for $75 or purchase a 3, 7 or 10 session package (best value is 10 sessions for $325).

Business Track – (21 courses) Provides core principles for running a successful construction/remodeling company from estimating and job costing to working with sub-contractors and more.

Production Track – (6 courses) Information for those working in the field or managing those working on the job and provides clarification for the skills and techniques needed to succeed.

Sales and Marketing Track – (4 courses) Techniques for how to sell in today’s market and tough economic climate.

Materials & Techniques – (14 courses) Provides technical building instruction including the latest in materials and techniques and understanding how quality building is done. Some of the most pertinent courses available to decking and waterproofing professionals are:

  • Deck Engineering – A technical seminar that focuses deck engineering and the skills necessary to successfully design and build decks of any size and shape. From the decking down to the footings, you will learn about load paths, spans, beam placements, connections, footings, cost evaluation, railings stairs and ledges.
  • Understanding Mold – Discusses myths and facts about mold and the danger of mold, what it is, how to address it safely and who to seek help from when in doubt about mold and mold damages. (See Duradek’s article, How to Clean Artillery Fungus and Sooty Mold Off Vinyl Deck Membranes).
  • Weather Barriers – Learn about the evolution of weather barriers and how they have become a critical component of occupant health and building durability.
  • High-Performance Building Envelope – This course explores various high performance wall and roof assemblies, including continuous exterior insulation, truss walls, double-stud walls, SIPS, staggered stud framing, I-joist, and more. (See Duradek’s article, Understanding Balcony to Wall Interface Rehabilitation).
  • Deck Design Application Workshop and CAD Software – Learn how to choose from a variety of available design software and how to use them effectively.
  • Construction and Waterproofing Methods for Walking Decks and Tile Covered Decks – this course offers expertise on deck construction and waterproofing, and if there is only one course you attend at JLC Live NW, this is the one not to miss. (See TileLetter Magazine article, Waterproofing Makes all the Difference in Dual-Level Deck -pdf).
Featured in Tile Letter magazine - May 2013
Featured in Tile Letter magazine – May 2013

More Details on Construction and Waterproofing Methods for Walking Decks and Tile Covered Decks

Facilitated by deck expert, Bill Leys on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 this session focuses on tile deck best construction practices and will be divided into two parts.

The first half discusses pedestrian deck systems and best building practices to construct a well built and long lasting deck assembly.

The second half instructs on roof decks and how to properly build and waterproof them for a systems to last 30+ years.

Learning objectives include:

  • Best practices when installing new waterproof systems for tile.
  • Best practices in building and framing a deck that will receive tile, which materials are available for waterproofing tile decks.
  • How to properly sequence the waterproofing of the deck with the construction of the building.
  • Tile Council of North America standards and methods for tile decks. (Duradek Ultra Tiledek has been tested to meet TCNA ANSI specification for load bearing, bonded, waterproof membranes for thin-set ceramic tile and dimension stone installations.)
  • Reduce your risk of exposure to liability.

bill-leysAs a licensed contractor in California and owner of, Bill Leys specializes in the installation of deck coatings for decks over living space and is very familiar with the Duradek family of deck waterproofing solutions. An authoritative voice in the deck building industry, Bill brings a not-to-miss highlight of JLC Live Northwest with his education session. Since waterproof decks and/or tile-covered waterproof decks rate high on the list of components claimed to have construction defects, this is an incredibly valuable 2 ½ hours for any construction professional who takes on decking projects.

Register at with promo code X107 for free exhibit hall registration ($25 value). Your exhibit hall registration includes:

  • Free access to the live demos and clinics
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Welcome Party

We are sure you will get a lot of information from the show and hope you take advantage of benefiting from as much insight as you can from deck expert, Bill Leys.

JLC Live Northwest is the premier regional industry event for residential construction in the Pacific Northwest and offers real world construction education with a conference program that highlights fundamental business and technical skills. Duradek congratulates JLC Live as this show marks their 50th event.

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