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Install Deck Railing – By Durarail

One of the most common questions we get at Durarail is; “how do I install deck railing?”

So, it’s high time we created the step by step guide to install deck railings:

Install Deck Railing Step 1: Deck Design

Your deck will be a highlight of your home, and during the design phase of your home, be sure to give a lot of thought to your deck design. Many will opt to have an architect to do their deck design, but be sure to give clear instruction and set expectations. For example, describe what you intend to accomplish on your new deck and what sort of functionality you need from your deck railing, such as a glass insert to protect your barbecue from the wind.

Install Deck Railing Step 2: Take Stock

Once the deck and deck railing design is complete, now it’s time to take stock. Figure out exactly what materials you’ll need to install deck railing. Create a list of the following:
– How many center posts and corner posts will you need to install your railing systems?
– How many bottom rail, top rail and welded panels will you need to have to install deck railings?
– You will also need bottom rail and top rail wall mounts, end caps and corner caps to install deck railing.

Install Deck Railing Step 3: Find A Deck Railing Installer

So now your dream deck is designed and you have all the material list necessary to install deck railing. Now let’s look at finding a qualified installer for your deck railings. Another common question we get is: “how can I find a good local installer for my porch railings”? Well, a common problem is that good contractors are so busy, that homeowners are just so happy someone showed up to do their railing installation, that they don’t worry about doing proper reference checks on previous porch railing installation by the potential contractor.

Durarail deck railings are different! Durarail is only installed by Duradek certified and accredited deck railing installation professionals!

Find a local Durarail Installer Here.

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