Case History #162 – Leaking Roof Deck Renovation

Here’s a brief look at a project that resolved the problem of ongoing leaks in a high-end home due to inadequate waterproofing on the roof deck…


Leaky Roof Deck Renovation | Private Residence – Houston, Texas


Roof decks constructed with outdoor leisure space in mind can be one of the most desirable features of a home. Unfortunately, the rooftop deck on this 3-year old million dollar home had a hodgepodge of ugly patches over a failed cementitious coating. At only 3 years old, this was an incredible failure for an expensive property.

Water was continually leaking into the room below despite the repeated patching attempts which proved inadequate.

A failed cementitious coating on a deck over living space

Patching is never a reliable solution on a poorly constructed roof deck.

The homeowner actually had to plan for house sitters to empty the buckets in the room below, just in case it rained while they were away on vacation!

It was time to call for professional assistance, so the homeowners called authorized Duradek installers, Home Defect Analysis and Solutions.


To start with, the unattractive original roof deck surface was not up to par for the prime entertaining space in a home of this quality.

Authorized Duradek installers at Home Defect Analysis and Solutions know roof deck waterproofing and suggested Duradek’s Tiledek as the waterproofing solution with a Versailles patterned travertine surface on top.

The results are not only watertight, but the finished deck was spectacular in appearance…perfect for entertaining.

The homeowners were so pleased, they ultimately had Home Defect Analysis and Solutions change out three other decks and a patio in the same house.

The new tiles are beautiful, but more importantly, underneath them is a reliable, roof-grade waterproofing membrane.
The new tiles are beautiful, but more importantly, underneath
them is a reliable, roof-grade waterproofing membrane.


The original failed deck was doomed from the beginning.

A metal lath was placed on bare wood decking and stapled at inch intervals. A cement based top coat was troweled directly onto the plywood surface at less than 1/4 inch thick.

Since the cement based top coat was applied directly to the plywood, it caused the wood to crack, and buckle at the joints. Once it started to leak, it was a total failure.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #162 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

If you have a decking project on the horizon and would like to know more about Duradek’s reliable, low maintenance waterproofing solutions, browse through our website or contact a Duradek Installer in your area for a free consultation.

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