10 Things Experts Learned About Waterproofing at IBS

10 Things Home Improvement Experts Learned About Waterproofing with Duradek at IBS

Professional trade shows in the design and construction industry can be invaluable resources for trade professional who want to maintain a competitive edge by staying informed on the best product solutions for practical building applications.

Shows like the International Builders Show (IBS) that took place last week in Las Vegas as part of Design and Construction Week allow building product manufacturers to showcase their best products so construction professionals know what resources they can rely on for their residential construction projects…and that’s not always just a good product. It’s a good product backed by experience.

Even the ‘experts’ that we turn to for our home improvement advice attend shows like IBS to stay informed on what is going on in the building industry as far as best practices, new techniques and the latest innovations. Whether it is home improvement radio personalities or HGTV celebrity home improvement hosts, the experts go to shows like IBS to find the best solutions.

John Ogilvie from Duradek being interviewed by the Carey Bros. for 'On the House' radio show with HGTVs Scott McGillivray in the background.
John Ogilvie from Duradek being interviewed by the Carey Bros. for ‘On the House’ radio show with HGTVs Scott McGillivray in the background.

Home Improvement Radio Celebrities Discover 10 Things About Duradek Waterproofing

At IBS 2015, home improvement radio hosts James and Morris Carey, the Carey brothers, recorded their live broadcast “On the House” from IBS where they were able to talk to a great selection of building product experts including John Ogilvie, president of Duradek.

Even though Duradek has been successfully waterproofing decks and flat roofs for 40 years, many builders are not yet aware of the advantages of Duradek’s pedestrian roofing membrane. John was able to provide some very straight forward points about Duradek for buildings or designers who might want to incorporate the desirable feature of a pedestrian flat roof deck.

  1. Duradek is the solution for decks above living space.
  2. Duradek is a sheet vinyl membrane glued down to a plywood or concrete substrate.
  3. Duradek is the waterproofing and the pedestrian surface in one product; different from liquid applied or torch-down roofing with something over-top to walk on.
  4. Duradek is like a flooring product.
  5. Duradek is applied with a glue and a heat-weld with a lap.
  6. Duradek is a waterproofing product first. Duradek is a roofing company with a good looking product.
  7. Duradek is unique in that you walk right on the membrane; no further protection is required. Duradek has an attractive, slip-resistant surface.
  8. Duradek has a life expectancy of 15-20 years.
  9. Duradek is not a do-it-yourself product. Waterproofing is too important for D-I-Y.
  10. Duradek has no climate restrictions in North America.

You can check out the Carey Brothers’ highlights from the IBS 2015 show or “On the House” radio show online in its podcast archives, or listen here for a portion of the IBS live broadcast where you can hear the 2-minute interview with John Ogilvie from Duradek.

James and Morris Carey are award-winning, 3rd generation contractors with 70+ combined experience and host their weekly radio program and syndicated newspaper column “On the House” that offers hands-on advice from coast-to-coast. The Carey brothers are always looking for the latest and greatest in building product technology to improve efficiency and lasting quality. During their full 4-hour program, the Carey brothers mention that the best brands are continually investing in research and development. Duradek is proud to have a 3-party quality control program and to be an ICC approved product as both a roofing membrane and pedestrian traffic coating; and to continually be testing and evaluating our products to ensure Duradek offers the most reliable walkable waterproof membrane on the market.

The Duradek team at IBS 2015.
The Duradek team at IBS 2015.

If you’d like to talk to a Duradek installer about your decking projects, find a Duradek dealer in your area for more information.

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