Case History #153 | Restaurant Roof Deck


Mother’s Pizza Roof Deck – Halifax, NS


After selecting a building for their new ‘Mother’s Pizza’ location, the owners’ mandate was to create a walkable roof upon which they could barbecue, entertain and grow fresh spices, herbs and vegetables to support their business model.

While the design called for a sloped roof to a center drainage trench, the bottom of the trench was level and lacked necessary drainage slope.

The Duradek installers would first need to modify it by designing a metal trench and waterproof it in a manner  that would permit drainage from two directions.

Mother's Pizza, Halifax - roof deck construction.

Mother’s Pizza, Halifax – roof deck construction.


After designing the metal trench, the Duradek installers bent and shaped Duradek’s PVC coated metal to fit into the trench to resolve drainage flow and added two Duradek approved drains. All PVC trench joints were sealed by welding 10″ wide strips of Duradek vinyl onto the PVC coated metal. As a precaution in the event of overflow, a 4 ft. long by 6″ wide diameter round scupper was constructed from the PVC coated metal and installed into the exterior wall.

Installation of Duradek vinyl membrane on roof deck.

Installation of Duradek vinyl membrane on roof deck.

Duradek Ultra Supreme Granite Chip vinyl provided a walkable flat roof and was also run 16″ up the walls to prevent any possible moisture intrusion.

Mother's Pizza Roof Deck finished with Duadek Ultra Supreme Chip vinyl

Roof Deck finished with Duradek Ultra Supreme Chip vinyl membrane.


Full of technical challenges, this 2200 sq. ft. roof deck was taken on during December and January in Nova Scotia. The key to winter Duradek installations is to make maximum use of tarps and any and all weather ‘windows of opportunity’.

The success of this project required not only the proficient skills South Shore Custom Decks is known for, but also detailed coordinating with other tradesmen and the support and cooperation of the project manager and owners.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #153 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.

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