Dealing with Snow and Ice on Your Vinyl Deck

ThermometerWinter is here and in many regions snow has already blanketed the landscape. After a moment of appreciation of the pristine beauty of a fresh snowfall, your spirits may be dampened by the anticipation of the realities  of dealing with the snow and of the maintenance required to survive the winter.

Those of you who have a deck protected with Duradek’s Walkable Rooftop Deck and Waterproofing Vinyl have an attractive and low maintenance decking solution throughout the year and winter is no exception. Duradek vinyl allows for easy and worry-free winter deck care.

Duradek vinyl is strong and you can use a variety of snow and ice melting solutions on it without concern.

  • Rock Salt – OK!
  • Kitty Litter (for non-slip traction) – OK!
  • Snow Melting Chemicals – OK!

Luckily, for the Duradek homeowner, Duradek’s superior vinyl strength and durability is not threatened by Mother Nature.

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Duradek patterns and colors are beautiful all year round, but how does a homeowner ensure that they are going to get the most longevity in their deck’s appearance when the wicked winter weather covers our decks with ice and snow?

All you have to do to ensure your deck is unaffected by brutal winter conditions is to remember a couple of simple tips:

Only use a plastic shovel to remove snow and ice from your deck surface. SnowShovel

  • Driving a metal shovel down through the snow and ice to your deck surface risks puncturing the vinyl and sacrificing your waterproof security.

Clean your deck with soap and water, and rinse before the spring and summer sunshine returns.

  • While the chemicals from de-icers do not damage the vinyl surface when applied, if its film is left on the surface, direct sun can bake the chemicals into the vinyl which is harmful and will affect your deck’s appearance.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can rest assured that you can take all precautions available to keep your deck clear of ice and snow through the cold winter months and look forward to the return of the warm weather to get back to enjoying your deck again.

If you do not yet have a Duradek waterproof deck and you would like to talk to a Duradek dealer about your decking needs, contact a Duradek dealer in your area for a free estimate.

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