Case History #147 | Private Residence Roof Deck


Private Residence Roof Deck, Atlanta, GA


The owners of this home really know how to maximize space! Having personally considered every detail, the architectural plans included building vertically to make the most use of their real estate and to take advantage of the fantastic view by including a rooftop deck.

They wanted the deck to have an attractive finish, but one that would not require ongoing maintenance to keep it looking good. Most importantly though, they wanted to use a product that would provide reliable waterproof protection for their new home.


The Duradek installers take every detail of deck waterproofing into consideration and were able to ensure proper water routing was in place and that the substrate was prepared correctly. Then, Duradek Ultra Cork Macchiato vinyl was laid, guaranteeing waterproof protection for the living space below.

Durarail PUP Post topless glass railing system was added to finish the view-inspired deck. This powder-coated aluminum and glass system paired with the Duradek vinyl membrane provides the homeowners with the elegant, low maintenance deck they had desired.

view from roof deck
The perfect at-home outdoor leisure space!


A previously built deck on one of the lower levels was constructed perfectly level and water routing was overlooked. Adding in the proper slope and drainage was a challenge. In this case, the large double doors accessing the deck had to be raised 3″ in order for a new subfloor to be added to accommodate proper water routing.

Duradek president, John Ogilvie takes interest in ensuring each and every Duradek installation performs as intended and made a personal visit to this project himself.

inspecting details for installation
Duradek president, John Ogilvie, inspecting details on the job site.

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Job Contact

Duradek Georgia Representative

Norm Shafer

Applicating Contractor

Duradek of Georgia / R.L. Hayes Construction Inc.

Royce Hayes


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