California Roofers in Top Demand with El Nino Preparation

Moisture management is one of those things that people often do not think about until there is an issue, but that is not the case this year as west coast home owners are scrambling to prepare for what is anticipated to be the strongest El Nino on record and that could deliver historic levels of rain this winter.

If you are on the wait list for a roofing contractor or gutter installer, you are not alone. Many companies in California are reporting a backlog of weeks, sometimes months despite adding additional people to their crews and extending the work week.

While past El Ninos have doubled normal rainfall recorded in southern California, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is warning that this winter’s weather could be the strongest on record with intense rain expected between January and March of 2016.

Wild weather can wreak havoc and keep roofers busy.
Wild weather can wreak havoc and keep roofers busy.

For homeowners and property managers, this means that any past water leak issues or delayed repairs are now an immediate concern, which not addressed before the wild weather arrives could result in notable water damage and more significant, costly repairs.

Flat Roof Decks Require Specialized Products and Skills

Roofing demand is not limited to sloped, shingled roofs. Flat roofs, particularly flat roofs that act as decks situated over living space are of particular concern. Without proper drainage and reliable waterproofing details, these luxurious roof decks made to enjoy coastal vistas can be worrisome if water views are overshadowed by water infiltration.

Using a proven roofing product and a skilled contractor are a home owner’s best arsenal to defend a structure’s building envelope.  Flat roof deck waterproofing is a specialty trade that requires the finest workmanship of roofing and decking contractors combined; as well as a product that is specifically made for that unique purpose.

That is where solutions like Duradek can be the most reliable, cost-effective solution for flat roof decks. Duradek vinyl decking  provides a classified roofing membrane and pedestrian surface in one single product. While some contractors will turn to a more traditional torch-on system that would require an additional pedestrian surface for comfort and design to enjoy the pleasures of a roof deck, Duradek’s warrantied vinyl membrane and its superior waterproofing performance comes in a wide range of attractive, colors and patterns to combine the best of protection and style in a single product solution. Additionally, using an exposed waterproofing membrane like Duradek makes it exceptionally easy to inspect for any potential leaks which lets home owners perform inspections on their own without the need to hire a roofing contractor for that task.

Backed up by a 3rd party quality control program and multiple tests results, Duradek is building code approved, passes wind-uplift tests  and has been ICC evaluated as meeting all requirements for:

• Section: 07 18 13 – Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

• Section: 07 54 00 – Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing

• Section: 07 54 19 – Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing

What is perhaps an even more important evaluation criterion in choosing a Duradek vinyl deck membrane for your roof deck is that Duradek is only available through authorized contractors that have been trained in the specific details unique to roof deck waterproofing.

For homeowners along the California coast that have used tile as the surface of their roof decks, Duradek has the ideal, custom-made solution for your waterproof protection. Duradek’s proven waterproofing membrane has been adapted with a textured surface specifically designed to best accept thin-set and the application of exterior tiles to create the Tiledek membrane.

Duradek’s Tiledek has solved difficult and reoccurring issues from leaky tile decks for many home owners in California. Duradek dealer, Paul from Golden Gate Enterprises has created quite a collection of examples on his Golden Gate YouTube Channel where you can see first-hand, real-life examples of failed liquid coatings, failed torch-on systems and poor waterproof details that he was able to correct with Duradek and Tiledek.

In this example below, Paul shows the results of a failed liquid coating waterproof system on a commercial flat roof deck.

This video shows a residential project with a failed torch-on modified bitumen waterproof system under tile, where Paul used Duradek to permanently solve ongoing leak issues, paying attention to details that ensure waterproof performance.

So if you are in the Bay Area, contact Golden Gate Enterprises for your roof deck needs. Outside of the Bay area, use Duradek’s Dealer locator to find a quality professional who can provide you with the reliable, low maintenance performance of Duradek vinyl membranes.

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