Architect Specification – Decks and Decking

Architect Specification for Decking

There’s no doubt that a great deck adds value and beauty to a home. No doubt all great Architects spend an amazing amount of time giving decks careful consideration:

  • Decking Material
  • Deck Functionality
  • Deck Look and Feel
  • Deck Handrails
  • Deck Maintenance
  • Potential Value and Resale Value
  • Environmental Impact of Chosen Material
  • Deck Material Warranty

These are key decisions you or your Architect will make when designing a deck.

Deck Material – When considering materials for a deck, no doubt Cedar or Pressure treated lumber is considered along with Vinyl Decking solutions such as Duradek.

Deck Functionality – Architects must carefully weigh the aesthetic value of a deck, with the functional value of a deck. For example, Duradek Decking Materials can be used to add a rooftop patio, or to waterproof over an existing room, or add functional space. Whereas other decking materials are not able to provide these solutions.

Deck Look and Feel – Of course this is of primary importance to most Architects. Duradek decks look great, and with a wide variety of colors and finishes, will match almost any decor!

Deck Handrails – Only Duradek is a one-stop decking material and deck solution provider. Durarail from Duradek is a great deck handrail solution and is easily specified by Architects with BIM and CAD.

Deck Maintenance – Often overlooked by Architects, but deck maintenance is something most home-owners and home-buyers would be concerned with. Only Duradek is a truly low-maintenance solution, meaning more sun, less scrub!

Potential Value and Resale – House Value is something on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. The protection of your home with a proper waterproofing solution, not to mention attractive decking solution is of paramount importance when selecting a decking material.

Environmental Impact – Duradek is green, sustainable, and gets you LEED credits!

Deck Material Warranty – Duradek is the original, and best! Yes, a cliche we know, but it’s true! And that’s why we can stand behind our product with industry leading warranty!

So, in conclusion. Architects specifying decking materials would be remiss in not considering Duradek as a viable solution to all the main criteria considered.

Duradek’s international network of installers, dealers and applicators stand ready to help you out today.

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