Waterproof Specialists Refer to Duradek

Duradek president John Ogilvie is often turned to for advice on deck waterproofing. Since Duradek is the original sheet vinyl membrane used for deck waterproofing and John Ogilvie pioneered its use over habitable space as a true roofing membrane, it is no surprise that even the experts turn to Duradek for best practices and advice.

This fall’s issue of Waterproof Magazine features an article titled, “Dealing with Moisture on Lightweight Decks” and is a good example of how often Duradek is used as a proven successful deck waterproofing solution, even when compared to similar waterproofing products.

Check out this .pdf download article of this fall’s Waterproof Magazine, “Dealing with Moisture on Lightweight Decks“.




To discuss your decking projects with a Duradek Professional, be sure to contact us to be referred to an authorized, professional Duradek installer in your area.

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