Turnkey Opportunity for Contractors in the Specialty Trade of PVC Roof Deck Waterproofing

A turnkey opportunity for contractors brings an array of benefits with an easy profit arm in the specialty niche of waterproof vinyl decking.

Duradek™ has refined an exceptional business opportunity developed from 45+ years of experience for onboarding contractors into the specialty trade of vinyl membrane waterproofing for decks, balconies and flat roof decks subject to pedestrian traffic. Duradek dealer opportunities are one of the easiest ways for small business owners to maximize the potential created by the demand for outdoor living space.

From initial inquiry to the first onsite project and beyond, Duradek is there to walk contractors through the process of becoming an authorized Duradek Dealer – the only source for building owners to access the leading brand of walkable, waterproof vinyl membranes.

Turnkey Opportunity for Contractors Supported From Start to Success

The entire process from beginning to a profitable business is easy. A complete Starter Package is provided with all of the marketing tools, literature, and promotional items needed for professional representation of the Duradek brand. Further, all of the specialty tools needed to get started as a Duradek Dealer are provided in a cost-effective Starter Kit along with an Ideal Tool Kit reference, leaving no guesswork in what is required to efficiently and effectively install Duradek on the job site.

This turnkey opportunity for contractors includes training specific to the niche trade of vinyl waterproofing for decks and flat roof decks.

A complete Training Program is provided for every aspect of the business. The installation crew benefits from a practical, hands-on Application Training program to learn the techniques and technical expertise Duradek has developed over 45+ years of experience.  Owners, estimators, and sales force receive a guided walk-through of a comprehensive Sales & Marketing program.

Training extends to real-world support for initial projects. A Duradek specialist will do on-site training for the first Duradek project and traveling trainers are available to assist in subsequent jobs at minimal investment on request.

The support does not stop there. Duradek continuously works to generate project leads for its network of dealers by marketing to AEC communities, builders and homeowners. With a vast selection of architectural tools and resources, home show and trade show support, advertising, and an excellent digital marketing program including subscriptions to e-newsletters, the Duradek reach extends to both professionals and end-users from coast to coast.

Duradek president, John Ogilvie, introducing Duradek’s 2014 40th Anniversary Convention.

Contractors Contribute for Ongoing Business Success at Conventions

Duradek offers Dealer and Distributor Conventions every 2 to 4 years based on participation interest. These conventions are invaluable sources of information and business support. It provides a platform for Duradek’s to present the latest technical findings from ongoing testing and R&D or make new product announcements. It is also an unparalleled opportunity for Duradek applicators throughout North America to have a round-table discussion on what they have been experiencing in the field, providing Duradek with valuable insights on any newly developed product compatibility or availability issues, or installation challenges that have risen with new building code requirements. This helps Duradek always stay the leader in vinyl membrane waterproofing and easily meet current building codes.

Audience at a Duradek convention presentation
Duradek Distributor and Dealer Conventions keep Duradek business owners up to date on industry trends, product information and building code requirements.

Duradek Family of Brands for Additional Opportunities

The Duradek™ vinyl decking brand is complemented by Durarail™ aluminum railings, manufactured exclusively for Duradek by Excell Railing Systems. Durarail offers a full range of railing systems including picket, glass, topless glass, cable, aluminum plank, and custom designs. That makes Duradek dealers a one-stop-shop for outdoor living space needs and a provider of a single-source warranty for builders and homeowners.

In addition, Duradek has developed the innovative Tiledek™ waterproof underlayment membrane. Tiledek was formulated specifically as the waterproofing component in exterior tile assemblies on decks over living space. Tiledek has the same waterproofing performance and approvals as the Duradek membrane. It is installed in virtually the same manner as Duradek. The difference is the geotextile fabric top layer that allows for excellent adhesion of thin-set mortar for the application of surface tiles.

Business Opportunities for Contractors from Decking Leaders

Considered the pioneer of the vinyl decking industry, Duradek was first conceived in 1974. For more than 4 decades, it has been a family-owned and operated business led by brothers, Bob and John Ogilvie. Now, both of them have children taking care of day-to-day business in Duradek’s head office. (Learn more about the company here).

Turnkey Opportunity for Contractors includes Duradek Dealers Convetions like here at Mexico 2017 Convention
Duradek’s 2017 Dealer & Distributor Convention in Mexico…it’s not all work all the time!

If you want to learn more about this turnkey opportunity in decking and are interested in joining the Duradek network through a Dealer, Applicator, Installer or Agent opportunity, visit our business opportunities page. Becoming a member of the Duradek network is like becoming a member of a family that is there to support you all the way.

A Contractors Perspective on Duradek

See a video interview with Jon Namba of Namba Services in Utah for his thoughts on Duradek

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