Top 6 Deck Building Design Features of 2015

Deck building design demands for 2015 highlighted a consistent preference of features for new decks and deck remodels. The most noteworthy deck building products at the 2015 International Builders Show and Deck Expo included features to meet those demands and deck building professionals have no shortage of products to choose from.

In many cases, it takes 2 or 3 different products to meet these design objectives, but Duradek is proud to be able to meet these decking demands in one single product solution.


A full range of color options is a desirable feature with many new deck building products releasing a selection of earth tones that harmoniously blend outdoor living space with the surrounding environment.

Duradek has over 26 colors with a range of natural hues from subtle neutral tones to sunset and seaside inspired shades. With a range of patterns, this slip-resistant deck surface brings style to virtually any exterior design scheme.

Duradek 2015 Colour Selection

Duradek has an option to compliment virtually any outdoor design scheme.LIGHTness

Lightweight products have been recognized as environmentally advantageous at the latest builders shows, but not at the expense of durability.

Per square foot coverage of Duradek vinyl decking is a very light weight option, needing just the basic structural load bearing requirements (though extra load-bearing considerations should always be taken into account for deck add-ons like fire or water features, planters and hot tubs).

Keep it COOL

Thermally treated deck building products are making an appearance with new technologies promising higher fire resistance and temperature insulation; but with all new technologies the practical application has yet to be proven and cost may make some of those options a little prohibitive when compared to alternatives.

Deck surfaces that stay cool on the feet can be achieved with Duradek’s lighter color options. When used on 2nd level decks, Duradek provides roof grade protection and a shaded area below. Sun-lovers can enjoy the upper level deck to bask in the rays, while those less tolerant to UV exposure can enjoy the shaded lower level and still enjoy the outdoors, even in the peak of the afternoon sun.


Subtle, earthy and aged looks are very popular with low-maintenance, decking products. Beyond simply color tones, the naturally inspired looks for manufactured deck building products imitate their natural counterparts in texture as well with faux wood and stone taking popularity polls.

Duradek was a trend setter early on in these faux-natural favorites with the popular ‘Cork’ pattern that takes on the texture of real cork, and the unique ‘Forest Floor’ pattern taking on the appearance of fossilized leaves. The latest introductions follow this trend with the ‘Legacy’ line that offers a dynamic aggregate pebble option “Pebble Beach”, or the wood grain looks of ‘Barnwood’ and ‘Driftwood’ that emulate the appearance of aged wood – but without any of the maintenance that real wood requires (see the Pebble Beach press release).

colour swatches - the Legacy line from Duradek
The LEGACY line of vinyl featuring: Pebble Beach, Barnwood and Driftwood

MOISTURE Management

One of the most critical features of deck building is moisture management and there are a variety of options available to incorporate into your deck design. Drip-through deck boards can be enhanced with complex spacer-flange systems or trough systems that route water to gutters; and under deck systems can channel water to gutters, sometimes requiring special joists or underlayment. All of those options include many seams, joins or exposed deck elements that may encounter trapped water. This may provide a dry area below, but is not the best method of ensuring the building envelope or structure of the deck is protected from water infiltration and subsequent wood rot. (see Dry Below Decks  Made Easy Part 1 – Trough vs Top | Part 2 – Below vs Above)

Duradek vinyl deck membrane for dry below deck
Duradek ‘Cork Natural’ vinyl is a low maintenance deck surface as well as a roofing membrane to keep it dry below.

Duradek is primarily a waterproofing membrane and moisture management system. In fact, Duradek is a classified roofing membrane in addition to being a pedestrian surface. With 40 years of proven waterproofing details and techniques afforded by the quality pvc membrane and pioneering the vinyl decking industry, Duradek provides a dry area below the deck. It protects the critical junctions between deck and structure and eliminates trapped water, deflecting it away from the structure’s points of vulnerability. Duradek allows the water management and attractive walking surface to be addressed in one single product while many other options require 2 or 3 stages of installation.

Elevated deck as a roof for lower level deck
Duradek vinyl deck membranes provide roof-grade waterproof
protection for a lower patio and dry storage for outdoor items.


Homeowners want to do less maintenance on their decks, leaving more time to enjoy it; thus the popularity of manufactured deck building products like composite decking. While composite decking has come a long way in the last decade, it has not been without a myriad of growing pains. Builders and home owners have had to absorb the majority of the cost on failed products as they mature (see When Choosing a Building Product, “New” Does Not Always Mean Better).

Duradek forged the way for low-maintenance manufactured deck building products with its sheet vinyl for waterproofing decks and balconies over 40 years ago. The durable pvc never needs any maintenance or reapplication and will continue to perform its waterproofing function for decades. And unlike many composite products or other vinyl products, Duradek is the only vinyl manufacturer to offer a written appearance warranty to protect home owners from excessive discoloration. While UV exposure will always eventually cause fading over time, Duradek stands up to UV exposure exponentially better than other comparable products and its 5 year appearance warranty backs it up.


After more than 40 years leading the vinyl decking industry, Duradek knows waterproofing details. Because waterproofing details are so critical to the longevity of your deck, Duradek is available only through a network of trained and authorized dealers.

To request a free estimate on your decking project, contact a Duradek Installer in your area and trust the proven performance of Duradek vinyl decking for your deck building projects.

Duradek for over 40 years

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