Sundeck Renovation in the Rain – Advice from a Pro

Spring officially arrived last month. In Vancouver, BC last month also marked the dreariest month for lack of sunshine in recorded weather history. From all accounts, not many North American regions are faring much better for the arrival of the sunny weather that has us flocking to our decks and favourite outdoor spaces.

If you’ve been holding off on a potential deck renovation, you might want to give that another thought. Here’s some advice from the decking professionals at Citywide Sundecks on the topic of waiting for the rain to stop before beginning your deck renovation plans.

Excerpt of Original Post by Citywide Sundecks – March 31, 2017

Sundeck Renovation in the Rain: No-no or Definite Go?

Last week marked the official start of spring but, much to the disappointment of Vancouver sundeck owners, these wet and dreary days don’t seem to show any sign of drying up soon. For an increasing number of Canadian homeowners, the anticipated dry spring weather means renovation season is underway and many are asking, “does rainy weather mean I need to postpone my deck renovation plans?” On the contrary, hiring a deck contractor before the sunshine is out in full-force is a great move.

Why hiring a deck contractor when it’s raining is actually the best move

The same way spring brings grizzlies out of hibernation, when that sun starts shining our phones start ringing with eager homeowners looking for our services. Every year it seems to happen like a landslide — we book up for weeks within a few days. It’s those savvy homeowners that picked up the phone before the rush that take advantage of off-peak perks such as:

The best installers: When we have less work in the off season, we keep our loyal and experienced crews on staff. Come spring, they will train their helpers, but until then you get only the experts on your project.

Flexible pricing: When our schedule has openings to fill, we have more options to get you the best pricing possible and fill those spots. With a full schedule, pricing adjustments will lose us money.

Speedy timelines: With fewer projects on the go, we’re more likely to start your project sooner and get it done faster.

Some deck contractors won’t work in the rain. It adds time to the setup, cost for materials and requires attentive personnel who’ll pay special attention to setting up tarps and coverage for the work area. However, if you make a few calls you’re bound to find someone who will be willing to go that extra mile.

Original Post at Citywide

Dont’ Let the Rain Dampen Your Decking Plans – Call Us Now

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