Successful Deck Waterproofing Details Require Skill

Deck Waterproofing is a Specialty

Deck building is sometimes overlooked as a specialty trade, so if you are building or remodeling a deck it is well worth your time to research a contractor who specializes in deck construction and waterproofing. In fact, the waterproofing element of decks, particularly flat roof decks, is an even further specialized skill within the deck building community. Many general contractors throughout North America are grateful to have a local Duradek installer that they can call for balcony or roof deck projects.

Vinyl Decking Waterproofing Details

Duradek vinyl membranes have been used to successfully waterproof decks and balconies for nearly 40 years, so you can be quite confident in its strength and durability. However, even the best building products cannot perform as intended if not installed correctly. That is why Duradek vinyl membranes are only available to contractors who have successfully completed Duradek’s two-day hands-on training.

deck mock up for Duradek installation training
Duradek insists all installers complete a two-day training

Water diverters, perimeter details, corner details and vulnerable areas like doorways are given special attention in a Duradek training. With proven installation techniques and ongoing research, Duradek is the true leader in walkable membrane waterproofing. Not only will your deck be protected from water infiltration and freeze/thaw cycles, but you will also have an attractive surface that truly defines your outdoor living space.

Duradek of Utah for Specialized Deck Waterproofing

Like all Duradek distributors, Duradek of Utah knows the decking business very well and are experts in the field. When local builders want to offer Duradek vinyl directly to their customers, they are required to successfully complete the two-day training before they are able to purchase the material. Each aspect of installing the vinyl membrane is covered, and students are required to get some hands-on experience in the classroom setting before taking their installation skills to their real-world projects. This far surpasses the one-page installation instructions provided to some do-it-yourselfers! Check out some of the training details from Duradek of Utah’s training sessions…

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