Roof Deck Building Product is Smart Choice from Smart Builder at Salt Lake Parade of Homes

Reliable Waterproofing Products and Installation Make Roof Deck Designs the Star

For 14 days in the heart of summer 2016, Utah residents are able to enjoy the Parade of Homes that lines up top builders who truly elevate urban residential lifestyle.

The Salt Lake Parade of Homes takes place July 29th to August 13th, 2016 and includes 25 homes from a variety of builders, all in close proximity around the valley to display the newest and best in residential design.

One of the featured developers, Sego Homes, is showcasing “The Cozumel”, a luxury townhome for the event.  Sego Homes takes pride in their mantra of “Healthy, Green and Smart” and maintaining the status of a certified green builder is important to them. “The Cozumel” is a 1,750 sq. ft. modern-design townhome with a dramatic roof deck offering stunning views of the entire valley. The roof deck literally tops the long list of desirable features of this smart townhome and it is made possible by utilizing the right product choice of Duradek™ PVC membrane.

The ability to match homeowner desires such as the growing demand for outdoor living space while maintaining their ‘green builder’ status makes choosing the right building products an important part of Sego Homes’ development process.

Carefully selecting building products that qualify for LEED points is one of the features that led Sego Homes to Duradek and contributed to their investigation of Duradek vinyl membranes as a waterproofing solution for the decks on their properties. The longevity of Duradek PVC membrane’s lifetime, transportation advantages and application to untreated plywood rather than pressure treated wood (which will allow eventual chemical leeching into the environment) makes Duradek an excellent green building product choice.

Roof deck by Duradek of Utah at a Sego Homes residence in the master-planned Daybreak community in Utah.
Roof deck by Duradek of Utah at a Sego Homes residence in the master-planned Daybreak community in Utah.

When Sego Homes first started to build for Utah residents, they only planned for small decks. Their initial exploration into decks over living space was with modest, trapped decks only 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. long. Traditionally with decks or balconies, they would have used liquid applied waterproofing products like Plidek, but as pioneers in their own right by incorporating decks over living space in Utah, they were quickly educated on the requirement of roofing classification for waterproofing products over habitable space.

Duradek Legacy line in Barnwood, Driftwood and Pebble Beach
The Legacy line is Duradek’s most recent vinyl offerings that emulate the appearance of wood and aggregate pebble.

Another particularly relevant detail that Sego Homes discovered in the process of incorporating roof decks into their plans was the fact that installer skills are of the utmost importance. By working with contractors that they could develop a relationship with, Sego Homes is able to ensure each specialty trade works in harmony with each other and in proper sequence. This was an important element in choosing Duradek for the critical job of roof deck waterproofing. For example, for effective waterproofing to protect the building envelope, sheet vinyl should be installed at doorway thresholds before the door framing goes in and up inside perimeter walls before building paper and siding. By working in conjunction with the project manager and other sub-trades, Duradek is able to contribute to Sego Homes’ quality craftsmanship and ensure the highest regard is paid to protecting the building envelope and the home. This partnership created a whole new opportunity for designs that give home owners additional square footage of outdoor living space in high density urban communities by incorporating flat roof decks.

installation details of Durdek vinyl membrane.
Working in partnership with sub-trades is vital to ensure all components of the design are completed in proper sequence for reliable waterproofing, such as inside perimeter and door threshold.

Three years later, the seemingly small feature of a flat roof deck adds significant value to their properties that now incorporate multiple, large roof decks per unit. With roof decks, specifiers often turn to a traditional roofing product like TPO that would require an additional walking surface layer. Smart builders are turning to Duradek to provide both the waterproofing and pedestrian surface in a single product solution. An added benefit is that with over 40 years of proven performance history, Duradek confidently and effectively specializes in the walkable roofing market, where TPO has only been on the market for 21 years and is not intended for pedestrian traffic. So instead of being limited to traditional roofing products like TPO, Duradek allows Sego homes to add this luxury roof deck feature without the need to make it a 2 product solution. Even with designs that include stairs over living space, Sego Homes is able to maintain confidence that the building envelope is protected.

Roof decks at a Sego Homes property in the Daybreak community.
An aerial view shows how much additional (private) outdoor space is added with roof decks on townhomes.

In a natural evolution of designs meeting homeowner desires, Sego Homes’ plans now incorporate roof decks into about 50% of their buildings. At a higher sale price per unit for a rooftop deck unit created with a single product solution, the margin on new builds with rooftop decks has a notable advantage over those that do not. This provides significant returns, however, Sego Homes likes to maintain a competitive edge and provide a mix of offerings. They have always recognized the difference between their price-sensitive customers and their customers who care more for lifestyle advantages. Price sensitive customers may prefer to forgo the extra outdoor living space, while other customers love the luxury and additional square footage of usable space that comes with a home designed with a roof deck.

Sego Homes president and founder, Wayne Corbridge noted, “Following California housing trends, Utah is still fairly new to the function of urbanization and higher density communities. A decade ago, a house with a substantial yard in the outlying suburbs may have been preferred, but now there is a trend towards the desire to be closer to urban assets. By designing vertically and incorporating flat roof decks, homeowners do not have to sacrifice private outdoor living space in order to enjoy these high-density communities.”

View from Roofdeck in Utah
Views from the roof decks show off the best of cityscape and surrounding landscape of Salt Lake City, UT.

Sego Homes is focused on the trends of high-density and smart technology. Standard smart features included in Sego residences include USB charging stations, electronic keyless entry and more. Plus there is a variety of options for home automation, security systems and home entertainment to fully customize the technology and functionality of their homes.

Smart homes start with smart choices and that means giving homeowners the features that they want – and selecting the right building products to provide them. Sego Homes hit it out of the park when they made the decision to incorporate roof decks into their designs by selecting Duradek waterproof vinyl for their residential outdoor living space. In the Sky Terrace Collection at Daybreak, Utah, an example of how Sego Homes incorporates rooftop decks into their plans is the “Home Run” and “Grand Slam” options in this progressive, master-planned community which show beyond any doubt that rooftop decks add value to the property.

Sego Homes’ residences are always very well received and are often recognized with accolades in “best of” awards in their category. The future of Sego Homes is directed to stay in a leading position of cutting edge building products to continue to support their mantra of “Healthy, Green and Smart”. They consistently tour the newest and best developments and are constantly involved with other builder groups to exchange ideas.

“As developers, we are best served by exchanging information and ideas to bring our customers the absolute best products to make their homes safe, comfortable, smart and efficient.” says Sego’s Wayne Corbridge.

Sego Homes Roof Deck with Duradek

One of the most important ways Mr. Corbridge ensures Sego Homes incorporates the best available building products into their properties is by attending the annual National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) sponsored International Builders Show (IBS). A part of “Design & Construction Week” that combines multiple major building industry trade shows, Mr. Corbridge sends his entire team to IBS every year.

“It is a way to get the whole team focused,” says Corbridge, “and ensure that everyone on the team is informed on the latest building products, technologies and trends, and it is one of the most important investments we make in our team annually.”

Duradek can also be found at IBS each year to educate builders on the advantages of single-ply sheet waterproofing membranes. As pioneers in the niche industry of PVC roof deck waterproofing and a history extending more than 40 years, Duradek is the definitive expert on this specialty trade. For the past several years, IBS has taken place in Las Vegas, NV but in January 2017, IBS will be held in Orlando, FL and you can find Duradek at booth #628.

Duradek is proud to be the best product to specify for residential roof deck designs. The significant intrinsic advantages of using Duradek exist in part because Duradek only sells its waterproof vinyl to company trained installers who are knowledgeable in the specific details and techniques required for membrane waterproofing installation.

In Utah, local distributor, Duradek of Utah supports all of their trained installers throughout the project, final inspection and beyond.

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