Re-Define Your Labor Day Weekend with Duradek

Originally posted September 2, 2013

The last long weekend of summer is winding down and those of us who enjoy a leisurely outdoor lifestyle are spending every last minute possible on decks and patios both home and abroad. If you are taking advantage of a staycation this long weekend, we hope you enjoy it with style!

If you have a deck or a balcony that you like to enjoy on your long weekends, choose to finish it with Duradek vinyl membranes and you have a low maintenance, beautiful place of leisure. And after all, that is what decks are for, right? Why labor on your place of leisure?

roof deck with Duradek Cork Macchiato
A roof deck made for enjoyment…not maintenance.

A traditional wood deck can be an attractive addition to your outdoor living space, but to keep it looking that way you need to invest heavily in maintenance. Fall out of your maintenance schedule even a little, and you could be left dealing with water damage and replacement costs.


Homeowner laboring on refinishing wood deck
Why labor on your place of leisure?

Instead, you can enjoy a waterproof, maintenance free deck surface that only requires a seasonal cleaning to stay looking great. Multilevel decks that create distinct outdoor rooms are incredibly popular this year and allow homeowners to take advantage of great features like outdoor kitchens, stylish outdoor furniture and beautiful fire or water features.

Multi level deck with Duradek Cork Natural
Duradek helps define your outdoor living space…without the need for labor.

With a deck this beautiful, why would you want to enjoy a long weekend anywhere else?!

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