Professional Deck Builder Magazine Recognizes the Strength of Duradek Products

Professional Deck Builder magazine is a go-to resource for many deck building professionals and a reliable resource for the decking industry. In November, Professional Deck Builder Magazine recognized two of Duradek’s superior waterproofing products:

Snapshot of Duradek Mention in Professional Deck Builder Magazine Online
Duradek Ultra Vinyl Membranes, the single-ply vinyl waterproofing membrane with roof grade protection is mentioned by Professional Deck Builder Magazine in its November issue. As a walkable, roofing membrane, Duradek provides both the waterproof protection and a walkable, stylish finish in one step. Duradek, the original sheet-vinyl waterproofing membrane, has been protecting decks for nearly 40 years.



Snapshot of Tildedek Mention in Professional Deck Builders Magazine Online

Also mentioned in November’s Professional Deck Builder Magazine is Duradek Tiledek. Tiledek is the waterproof membrane designed specifically to go underneath exterior thin set tile. While it provides the same degree of roofing approved waterproof protection as Duradek Ultra, Tiledek comes with a cloth surface that allows the thin set mortar and tiles to be securely adhered.

While this particular product review mentions some of the superior features of Duradek Ultra Tiledek membranes such as the ability to withstand high-heat and high-moisture conditions, the article states that the only ‘hitch’ of the product is that it can only be purchased and installed by an authorized Duradek dealer.

Well, this is actually one of the features that Duradek is very proud of. Duradek president John Ogilvie states, “No matter how good a waterproofing product is, if it is not installed properly you cannot be sure it will perform as intended.”

That is why Duradek membranes are only installed by professionals that have been specifically trained in the intricacies of deck waterproofing and best practices in applying PVC membrane systems. Check out our blog post, Deck Collapse Dangers for some examples of why using a specialized deck builder and products that meet current building code requirements is so critical in your deck building projects.

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