Outdoor Living Trends to Consider this Spring

Spring home improvement puts outdoor living space on the top of many homeowners’ lists. Here we take a look at some of the most popular trends from the last year to assist you in choosing what upgrades will bring you the most satisfaction from your outdoor living space.

Duradek has been in the decking industry for over 40 years, and many of the same benefits Duradek vinyl has brought to homeowners through the decades are the same solutions that can make outdoor living a great experience today.

1. Outdoor Kitchens

From a simple grill and prep area to a complete outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator and sink, outdoor kitchens are a feature many grill masters want to invest in. According to HBPA, 62% of grill owners cook outside all year round.

Duradek vinyl is a great option for outdoor kitchen areas with its easy-to-clean surface.

2. Year-Round Use

Enjoying your deck year-round is not limited to residents of states like Georgia or Florida. For cooler climates with shorter summer seasons, outdoor living space can be comfortably enjoyed year-round with the addition of fire features or heaters. Additionally, multi-level outdoor living space allows the flexibility of enjoying an open deck or a covered patio.

case history 147 - roof deck
Beautiful and functional!
(photo from Duradek of Georgia)

Duradek is a roofing-approved pedestrian membrane so the same walking surface that protects your top deck also provides your lower-level deck with roof-grade waterproof protection. No need for the occasional spring shower to keep you from enjoying your outdoor living space!

3. Chameleon Lighting

The clever placement of outdoor lighting fixtures as part of structural elements gives a sophisticated look to any deck or patio. This feature also means electrical wiring is hidden within those structures and not posing a safety risk laying out on the usable area of the deck.

Posts and columns may make a great structure to disguise your lighting in, but remember to make sure they are waterproofed correctly. If you are using wood posts, they are just as vulnerable to water infiltration as any vertical perimeter wall around your deck.

4. View Decks

Rooftop decks are becoming more and more popular for added outdoor living space. Whether due to landscape elevation or restricted space, more and more people are enjoying the benefits that come with rooftop decks and the amazing views that often accompany them. When it’s all about the view, the added advantage of view-through railing systems give residential roof decks a sense of high-class luxury right at home.

Rooftop decks are the feature that Duradek is perfectly made for. With ICC-approved roof-grade waterproof protection and a 10-year waterproofing warranty (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019), Duradek brings peace of mind that when you are enjoying your outdoor living space, the indoor living space below is properly protected. Duradek’s vinyl membranes are a truly low-maintenance product, requiring only seasonal cleaning, and do not have to be re-coated…ever! Combined with Durarail powder-coated aluminum railing systems, such as the beautiful and sophisticated topless glass Panorama Post, you get the best in low-maintenance outdoor living space for your home.

view from roof deck
The perfect at-home outdoor leisure space!
(photo from Duradek of Georgia)

If you’d like to see how Duradek can help transform your deck or balcony into a low-maintenance outdoor living space, you can contact a Duradek dealer in your area for a free estimate.

Enjoy your outdoor living this spring!

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