Enjoying Outdoor Deck Space with Waterproof Peace of Mind on Many (Deck) Levels

The style of your deck, balcony, patio or any outdoor living space is as much of a personal decision as it is for any other room in your home.  While some homeowners bask in the glory of gardening, some prefer playing in the pool, and others desire a more leisurely lifestyle and simply prefer a place to relax and enjoy a good view. Whatever purpose your deck serves to you, Duradek can ensure that your deck is protected so you can have waterproofing peace of mind.

Celebrity Builder Jim Caruk Chooses Duradek

Builder Boss GraphicIn this inaugural season of, Jim Caruk’s “Builder Boss” on HGTV, Jim chose Duradek for waterproofing decks on two of his projects. The first project to feature Duradek was episode 6, entitled ‘The Bunker’ (see our blog from Aug…) and the second project was episode 7, entitled ‘Porch and Garden’.

In ‘Porch and Garden’, the homeowner was a lover of green space and gardening, and also valued unique architectural design. Considered a ‘problematic outdoor project’, Duradek was able to handle one of the issues with ease! The home’s backyard required major renovations for landscaping, and the house itself required the addition of rear decking.

Builder Boss Porch and Garden Episode - laying Duradek vinyl membrane
Adhering the Duradek vinyl to the plywood substrate.

Built completely from scratch, a two-level deck was added to the home to provide an outdoor lounging area to enjoy the view of the new landscaping. As the second level deck provides roofing for the first level deck, Duradek Ultra vinyl was the perfect solution.




Builder Boss Porch and Garden episode - the finished decks
The second level deck provides roof-grade waterproof protection for the deck below.

Not only does the roofing approved membrane keep the first level deck dry, but the low maintenance durability of Duradek vinyl membrane ensures the homeowner only has to clean it seasonally and does not have to labor on maintaining the waterproofing or finishing details. Check out how the Builder Boss team transformed this backyard and watch for the installation of Duradek vinyl at about 19:32 into the episode. While only featured for a few seconds, you can see how the expertly trained Duradek installers easily lay the Duradek vinyl and do not at all contribute to the problematic factors on the job site.

Many Levels of Luxurious Lounging on the Deck

Whether for a ground level patio, a pool deck or an elevated roof deck, Duradek membranes provide a guarantee of waterproof protection. Take this beautiful home for example….a ground level pool deck, an elevated deck and a deck over living space are all different ways that Duradek outperforms many of the alternative waterproof solutions; particularly because the homeowner of these decks preferred the surface to be finished with exterior tile.

Multiple Levels of Decks
Three different styles of tile deck surfaces – one perfect under-tile waterproofing solution…Duradek Ultra Tiledek.

Outdoor tile projects can be a troublesome task for tile layers, but Duradek Ultra Tiledek provides an assurance that is very hard to find. Tiledek offers a 10-year waterproofing guarantee and is specifically designed to be used as an under-tile roofing membrane. That allowed the builders to finish the top of pool house deck with beautiful tiles while feeling confident that the outdoor kitchen below is completely protected from water damage.

What Level of Waterproof Protection Would You Choose?

Remember, there is a difference between a waterproof membrane and a roofing membrane. Duradek Ultra vinyl membrane and Duradek  Tiledek under-tile membrane are both roofing approved and will provide secure, guaranteed waterproofing….even when your deck is above living space. And when you compliment your deck surface with Durarail powder-coated aluminum railing, you have the best of aesthetics and functionality with a durable and low maintenance outdoor living space.

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