Outdoor Flooring That Extends the Theme of Home Design

The use and functionality of residential outdoor living space has been growing at a steady rate, and to make the most of your home’s deck areas it is important to start with a good, sturdy foundation and ensure that once it is structurally sound that it is protected with effective waterproofing. Then the real pleasure in designing your outdoor living space is making sure that the reliable waterproofing of your deck does not take excessive maintenance and that it is also an attractive addition to your home. After all, it is a place that is used primarily for pleasure and should be visually pleasing and harmonize with the overall design of your home.

Outdoor Flooring with Security and Style

Duradek vinyl membranes have been a reliable source of deck waterproofing for nearly 40 years and with over 20 colors and styles to choose from there is something for nearly every residential design motif. One of Duradek’s most recent lines of vinyl patterns is the popular ‘Cork’ line that offers 4 beautiful options for outdoor flooring. Natural cork has become known as an attractive flooring material for interior walking surfaces and Duradek Ultra Cork Natural vinyl allows this look to be lent to a home’s exterior providing a harmonious extension that can unify the overall design.

Duradek Ultra Cork vinyl next to a natural cork floor at the threshold
Duradek vinyl has stylish options to extend your living space outwards

The attractive pattern of the cork vinyl is not restricted to the natural color of cork, and variations such as ‘Espresso’, ‘Macchiato’, and the most recent addition, ‘Graphite’ provide color alternatives for a stylish and sophisticated look. As seen on Housing Zone, the online hub for Professional Deck Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines, Duradek Ultra Cork is a stand-out in design options for outdoor flooring. And while its beautiful appearance is a highlight, the real beauty of Duradek’s Ultra Cork vinyl is that is one of the most reliable methods of waterproofing your deck on the market today.

Duradek Cork Natural Vinyl on Deck with a View
A deck protected with Duradek Ultra Cork Natural membrane

Installed exclusively by trained and authorized Duradek dealers who are familiar with the intricate and critical details involved in deck waterproofing, Duradek vinyl membranes are warrantied for 10-years (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019) for waterproofing. But the peace-of-mind does not stop there….Duradek also comes with a 5-year appearance warranty for excessive discoloration which is a rare benefit in decking products that are constantly exposed to UV rays and naturally will fade over time. Duradek clearly stands out above other vinyl options, as well as other decking materials like some composite decking products that have had such massive appearance issues that class-action suits have had to be settled.

When it comes to your outdoor living space, make a choice that lasts with style…protect your deck’s surface with Duradek vinyl membranes.

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