Nothing Lasts Forever, But Duradek Outlasts the Rest

Recently, Duradek released the results of some Accelerated Weather Testing putting Duradek and another vinyl brand to the test (ASTM G90). The testing continues and shows that over time, the vinyl brand that features a coating layer that is intended to protect the vinyl from scuffs and marks actually works against the overall appearance by excessive darkening from UV exposure.

These pictures show the progression of equally controlled accelerated weather testing, conducted during the course of the last year by a third-party material testing provider, Atlas Material Testing in Phoenix, Arizona.

The images above on the left are Duradek, the original vinyl membrane and the images on the right are another vinyl brand.

ASTM G90 is a widely used outdoor accelerated weathering test method. It concentrates natural sunlight via 10 highly reflective, specially coated mirrors onto the specimen target area with an intensity of approximately eight suns. The device tracks the sun and exposes specimens to the full spectrum of sunlight, making it one of the most realistic accelerated tests available.

While the Duradek samples on the left show a small amount of fading that you would expect from constant UV exposure of the course of several years*, the vinyl on the right that features a clear-coat surface shows some very disturbing and excessive darkening. While this likely would not affect the membrane’s waterproofing performance, it is most certainly not the look most homeowners would choose for their outdoor living space.

* exact real-time equivalent of accelerated weathering measured in MJ UV will vary from region to region.

Looks Aren’t Everything, But…

The peace of mind gained from a waterproof deck surface should not be lost to disappointing appearance results. When you invest in a product that is meant to last, we want you to enjoy it
throughout its lifetime.

While any item vulnerable to constant UV exposure and other environmental elements will experience weathering effects over time, you have every right to be satisfied that your decking product will not undergo dramatic appearance changes. When a product (or a new product feature) has only been in use for a fraction of its promised warranty, how can you really be sure that the product will perform as intended?

For your peace of mind and best investment for your home renovation dollar, choose building products that have a solid history. Duradek has been produced by the same manufacturer since 1974, which means Duradek has performed successfully for 4 complete warranty cycles. There is no guess-work involved. The performance has been proven on over 150 million square feet of deck surfaces in all North American climates.

With a proven history, an industry leading warranty that covers 15-years of waterproof protection AND a 5-year appearance warranty to protect you from excessive discoloration, Duradek is the clear choice for a beautifully finished waterproof deck surface.

Download Accelerated Weathering Progression (.pdf)

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