Multicultural Waterproof Deck Education

Many home owners have deck upkeep on their home maintenance list somewhere, but most do not fully understand the importance of deck waterproofing and how it affects the integrity of the building envelope, and therefore the entire structure of the home.

Duradek participates in many local home shows and takes pride in educating home owners in why their choice of deck waterproofing is so important, particularly when situated over living space. However, this detail specific home maintenance feature can become even more confusing when a language barrier is added to the equation.


Duradek headquarters are located in Greater Vancouver, BC which is a metropolis rich in cultural diversity. In particular, there is a very large Asian community in south-western BC and Duradek has extended its support in educating home owners in the Chinese community to understand the importance of deck waterproofing.

Home and Happiness on NTD TV

New Tang Dynasty Television is an independent, non-profit Chinese language TV network head-quartered in New York with correspondents in over 70 cities globally. NDT is the world’s largest independent Chinese TV network with a wide variety of content, which includes a new weekly show, Home and Happiness.

Home and Happiness intends to share the knowledge and experience on buying, selling, maintaining and renting a house with the Chinese community. Duradek is featured to bring expert waterproofing advise to home owners with decks or roof deck to ensure they have the waterproof protection they need.


Seeing the advantages Duradek brings by reducing your deck maintenance and providing security with waterproofing peace-of-mind, you may want to talk to your own local Duradek expert. Feel free to contact a Duradek installer near you for a no-obligation, free estimate on your decking project.

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