Introducing Dek-Vision – Duradek’s Virtual Deck Makeover Tool

A Free Online Tool for Creating Virtual Deck Designs to Engage the Planning Process

The team at Duradek™ is excited to introduce Dek-Vision, the first virtual deck makeover tool to assist homeowners, Builders and Remodelers create deck design plans with Duradek vinyl waterproof membranes.

Dek-Vision is free to use and comes pre-loaded with 8 deck image options that cover a variety of the most common deck types. Dek-Vision allows users to experiment with the deck surface, the railing color, and even the siding to find the look that’s just right for individual tastes.

Deck Makover with 4 options from Dek Vision by Duradek Vinyl Deck and Railings
Dek Vision by Duradek lets you experiment with dozens of exterior design options.

A Virtual Deck Makeover Tool That Puts the Power at Your Fingertips

Users have the ability to upload a photo of their own deck to try out all of the options of Duradek vinyl deck patterns and colors. With this flexibility, it is easy to discover which patterns and colors will best match their exterior design. With a graph tool and a paint tool, users can have their own deck image uploaded and set up as a template in a matter of minutes. You can even design on the go. Dek-Vision is fully responsive and can be used on any device. Start your project at home on your desktop, save it, and come back to it later on your phone or tablet.

Whether for interior or exterior, home building and remodeling projects are a big investment. Product choices that you know you will be living with for years can make even the most decisive people hesitate with product selection. Pouring over brochures and photos might help you find products you like, but does not always convey what the final result will be in a building product application. This is particularly true when you are matching up one element like a deck surface to others elements like siding on a deck remodeling project.

Dek-Vision helps remove the guesswork and gives you an excellent visual representation of what you can expect the finished decking project will look like.

Dek-Vision is equipped with the complete color selection of Duradek vinyl deck membranes. With 27 color options in 10 different patterns, Duradek has the best selection in the vinyl decking industry. With so many great options to choose from, selecting the right vinyl for a deck is a challenge that was just made easier!

Railings are an important part of a deck makeover project and Dek-Vision allows users to experiment with all 9 standard colors offered by Durarail™ railings. The railing and siding features are limited to the pre-loaded deck images, which will provide a great example of how those exterior colors will blend together in thousands of combinations.

We’d like to invite you to try out Dek-Vision, our new virtual deck makeover tool, and to share your beautiful virtual deck images with the world! Please tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@Duradek) or Tweet @Duradekspert with the hashtag #DoItWithDuradek to show off your creative designs.

Enjoy Dek-Vision and Discover the Duradek Difference.

Dek-Vision Online Deck Makeover Visualizer Tool

Ready to go from Virtual to Actual?

When you are ready for your real deck makeover, be sure to contact a professional, authorized Duradek installer to bring you a sample of the color you selected so you can view it in the actual setting it will be applied in. Your local Duradek Dealer will be happy to provide you a free estimate for a beautifully waterproofed deck.

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