How to Clean and Care For Your Duradek Vinyl Deck

If you are a homeowner with a deck protected with a Duradek vinyl membrane, you are fortunate that you were able to enjoy your outdoor living space this summer without the necessity of having labor-intensive maintenance to ensure your deck performs as intended. With Duradek vinyl, there is very little required to keep the appearance of your deck looking good. All your deck needs is some simple seasonal cleaning and your Duradek protected deck will look great for many years.

Second Level Deck Waterproofed with Duradek vinyl

Care for Your Duradek Deck

Column and drain details for inspecting Duradek vinyl

As summer winds down and we approach the autumn weather, now is a perfect time to review the details of inspecting that the superior installation of your Duradek protected deck is still performing as guaranteed.

When inspecting your deck, remember to:

  • Check the caulking seals around posts and pillars
  • Check corner details
  • Check the caulking seals around vents and drains

Over time, the structure your Duradek membrane is adhered to may crack, shrink or shift and these inspections will uncover any potential problems with broken seals. If you discover some caulking has pulled away from the wood or a seal has cracked, contact your Duradek dealer who will recommend the proper sealant to correct it.

Cleaning Your Duradek Deck

Your vinyl deck should be cleaned at least 4 times a year with the Duradek vinyl cleaner available from your local Duradek dealer. This cleaner is designed specifically for vinyl and will NOT leave a harmful chemical residue as many household cleaners may. Use warm water and a stiff broom, scrubbing in a circular motion to loosen the dirt. Then simply spray with a garden hose (under pressure) to wash away the loose dirt and flush thoroughly with clean water.

Alternative Cleaners May be Risky

If you choose to use a household cleaning product, please be aware that you are doing so at your own risk and you should test a small area first.

We have had feedback that many people have been successful using Cascade Powdered Dishwasher Detergent as a reasonable option. However, we do not recommend the use of household cleaners in general as certain types of cleaners, powdered abrasives, steel wool, and industrial cleaners can cause damage and discoloration.

While all cleaning methods require a thorough rinse with water, using any household product dramatically increases the need to flush the deck thoroughly with clean water to ensure all residue is removed. The residue may not be obviously visible to the eye, but if any remains, the sun can bake harmful chemicals into your vinyl and it may affect the appearance of your vinyl.

Never Use These Options to Clean Duradek Vinyl

Dry cleaning fluids should not be used as they will remove the printed pattern and glass. Waxes should not be used as they may contain dyes or solvents that can permanently damage the protective coating.

Power Washing Graphic

Because your vinyl pattern has a textured surface for non-slip characteristics, it will likely require a little more cleaning effort than a smoother surface. Power washing is an effective method of removing dirt and debris, although it is not intended for removing embedded stains.

Set your power washer at 1500 psi (max.) and hold nozzle 12 inches from the surface and be careful to avoid seams, railing attachments, caulking or house trims.

Cleaned and Cared For…Now Enjoy!

Though no exterior surface is entirely impervious to the elements, by taking the small amount of time required to properly clean your deck at the change of the seasons, you will help to ensure that your deck appearance lasts as long as the guaranteed waterproofing performance of your Duradek vinyl deck. No matter what the season, Duradek protects your outdoor living space all year, every year.

To find a local Duradek Dealer, visit the Duradek website’s Dealer Locator.

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