Happy Vinyl Decking Customer Shares Story with Duradek

There is nothing more important to any business than a happy customer.

At Duradek, we take pride in the excellent quality of our deck vinyl; and that we have built a brand reputation so reliable that “Duradek” is often used synonymously to describe all vinyl decking.

We also know that no matter how good a vinyl decking product is manufactured, it must be installed with the expertise of a skilled professional trained in the specific details required for effective deck waterproofing to be completely reliable.  A unique combination of deck building, roofing and floor laying skills all contribute to the professional installation techniques of a Duradek installer.

It is this combination of a superior product and professional installation that keeps Duradek the leading brand of vinyl decking in North America.

Below is an unedited letter from a recent Duradek customer that details how an unsatisfactory past experience with his deck was able to be turned around when he contacted Duradek.  It is summed up nicely with the statement, “The deck is finished and it looks really awesome and I am extremely happy.”, but his story below will tell you why….

Letter to Duradek – September 14, 2015

Good Day and to whom it concerns;

Back in 2014 I contacted your head office and asked for a dealer or installer in my area. I reside in North Bay ON. I was given the name of a Mr. Jim Simpson (at Raildek), and this raildekoffice@gmail.com as his e-mail address. I then contacted Mr. Simpson, who sent me to a Mr. Pete Larocque of Deck World North.

Short history, I had a really nice deck built or so I thought, less than 2 years and it was leaking and ruining my house. The other company would not honour their warranty because it was not installed by one of their people, but I bought the product from a store that they sell it at and installed by a person highly recommended by that store. The deck project, which he promised, would be 3 weeks took 15 weeks to finish. First spring it leaked worse than a sieve.  So I am somewhat jaded towards contractors. So I called the head office in BC to get a local contractor and that is how I ended up dealing with Mr. Larocque.

deck over living space waterproofed by Duradek
When a deck is situated over living space, leaks are unacceptable.

My next and natural question is where do you find these people that you employ and take the time to train into representing your company, they wear your logo on their clothing, they have the logo on their vehicles.

I knew things were not the same as with the other contractor when your people showed up on the correct day, at the correct time and with all their supplies. They also put in a very full long day of work. They did not let a sudden and cold shower slow them down. The second day once again at the correct time and they did a full days work. Third day dawned and they were once more on time, I was impressed. The third day was actually a short day. The deck is finished and it looks really awesome and I am extremely happy.

Duradek Forest Floor vinyl deck installed by Deck World North.
Duradek Forest Floor vinyl deck installed by Deck World North.

I was somewhat not happy that Mr. Larocque would not let me help and he kept me sitting down. I was not even allowed to tidy up my own deck. He and his partner, Marcel did everything. They both kept telling me to go and watch TV. They left and there was no clean up to do, all the trash and such were removed from the site.

People are quick to call to complain but few are willing to take the time to send a note and say how happy they are with the results of the people employed by anyone, but you folks at Dura Deck should be extremely proud of the way they represent your company by doing an exceptional job, which they did and this will do nothing short to ensure that the reputation of Dura Deck is maintained and broadened. I want to thank Pete and Marcel for going above and beyond the scope of their work and making my deck another room in the house and for their prompt and excellent work. Even if they did not let me do anything.

Mr. Andy R

Thank you, Andy, for sharing your Duradek experience. We hope you enjoy your low-maintenance deck for decades!

For those of you with decking projects on the horizon, before you make your final decision, be sure to talk to a Duradek installer in your area to discover the Duradek difference.

Duradek vinyl decking - Forest Floor Pattern
Duradek vinyl decking provides low-maintenance waterproof protection.
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