Front Porch Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorating your front porch for Halloween is one of the best ways to take part in Halloween festivities. This annual tradition brings out the kid in all of us. With the whole neighborhood stopping by your front door, what better excuse could there be to transform your porch to the eerie entryway of a haunted house with festive decorations?

There are plenty of ways to get your front porch ready for Halloween. Get inspired by these ‘spooktacular’ decorating tips – (but not so spooky that the tiniest of trick-or-treaters will be scared to come to your door!).

Spooky Front Porch Halloween Themes

Front Porch Halloween Witches Door Display

Whimsical and Wicked Witches: It’s always witching hour with this wickedly clever display. Creative placement of capes and pointed witch hats on your door turns your front porch a magical experience for Halloween imaginations. Adding other witch-themed props like broomsticks or cauldrons makes the little ones feel bravely excited to dare knock for their treats.

Witch Capes and Hats from HGTV.

Front Porch Halloween Tree

Spooky Halloween Tree: Conjure up an old Christmas tree (or use dry tree branches and a vase) and decorate it with spooky Halloween ornaments (spider webs, ravens, skulls, etc.). Place it near the door for a quick and easy way to make a spooky front porch!

Halloween Tree from Homecrux

Front Porch Halloween Pumpkins

Front Porch Halloween Pumpkins

Pick Your Pumpkins: There’s no rule that says you have to stick to plain orange when it comes to your pumpkins.

Consider decorating with white, yellow, or multicolored gourds; you can even hand paint your pumpkins to put your own spin on the classic orange.

Front Porch Halloween Pumpkins – Image from Country Living Magazine

Front Porch Wood Pumpkins

Stray from Tradition (but not from the path): Keep the Halloween theme subtle with a little woodworking to create these reclaimed wood pumpkins.

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins by Finding Home Farms.

Front Porch Halloween Craft Decor

Front Porch Halloween Decorating with Witches Hats

Get Crafty for Spectacular Spookiness: Decorating for holidays is a fun activity to help you get into the mood of the season. Get the little ones involved by choosing a few family-friendly crafts to include in your decorating. Only slightly eerie, these fun DIY decorations hang from an invisible fishing line. They look even more magical lit up, adding a little glow to your entryway.

DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries from Polka Dot Chair.

Front Porch Halloween Ghosts Display

Fun DIY Floating Ghosts: Create a spooky entrance with DIY Floating Ghosts. To assemble, you will need a couple of supplies that you may already have at home. This easy DIY activity is an excellent addition to carving pumpkins for a day of family fun before Halloween! To view instructions, click here.

DIY Floating Ghost Decorations from Better Homes and Gardens.

Front Porch Halloween Planters

Repurpose Planters: Now that your summer blooms have gone away, those empty planters can elevate your pumpkins. They are also good, as a base for ghosts looming by your door or as a landing pad for the Wicked Witch of the West.

3 Halloween Planters Ideas from HGTV.

Other Considerations for your Front Porch at Halloween

Consider the Theme and Scare-Factor: Do you want to go for the scares with cobwebs, spiders, and skeletons. Or maybe family fun with happy pumpkins and friendly black cats. Whatever you choose, a cohesive theme can streamline decoration decisions and make searching for décor pieces easier.

For more inspiration, visit our Halloween Deck and Porch Decorating Tips Pinterest Board.

Consider Front Porch Halloween Safety: Make sure all of your Halloween scares are in good fun and not due to damage or injury. Keep your walkways clear and double-check that all electrical items are in good condition. If you choose to use real candles in your jack-o-lanterns or any other front porch Halloween decorating ideas, make sure they have a good base (placing them in wide-based holders filled with sand is an old stand-by).

Front Porch Tip: Duradek vinyl decking with Class A or Class C fire-rated assemblies on your front porch brings added comfort. You have reduced risk of fire with Halloween-related hazards like faulty electrical décor sparks, knocked-over candles, or stray fireworks sparks. Safe outdoor living space is important all year. Reach out to an authorized Duradek installer to discuss keeping your porches, patios, and entryways waterproof protected year after year.

Front Porch Halloween Greeting from Duradek
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