Duradek’s 40th Anniversary Convention Was a Success!

A great big THANK YOU to all of the talented Duradek professionals that made it out to Kelowna, BC last weekend for Duradek’s 4oth Anniversary Convention and celebration. We had Duradek distributors and dealers from all over North America gather for 3 days of sharing their experience and expertise on deck waterproofing with Duradek vinyl membranes…and we had a lot of fun too!

It’s very impressive to see any business stick around for 40 years, but even more impressive (and certainly more rare) is that many of Duradek’s customers have consistently been with us nearly as long. At Duradek, we often speak in terms of our ‘Duradek family’ when we refer to the network of distributors and dealers throughout North America. During this event it was evident that the term ‘family’ is used with respect and appreciation for all of the people that make up the North American representation of the Duradek brand and professional network of installers and have helped to build Duradek’s history.

And what a history it is!

Check out this timeline for a visual of Duradek’s history or for a more detailed information, read “The Duradek Story“.

Duradek 40 Year History T imeline

 Download the print resolution of The DuradekTimeline.pdf (3.47 MB)

Duradek 40th Anniversary Convention Meetings
Duradek 40th Anniversary Convention Meetings

Perhaps even more than the excellent product development details and growth of the Duradek brand as seen in the timeline representation above, it is certainly the people that has made Duradek the successful brand it is today.

In addition to the recognition awards honoring the individuals who have shown years of support as a part of the Duradek family in their roles as Distributor’s and Dealers for the Duradek brand which ranged in increments of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years, there were also a few performance awards for top performing Distributors and Dealers.

Duradek is proud of our entire network of professional waterproofing specialists, but these top performing companies were recognized for their achievements.

Again, a GREAT BIG thanks to all of the Duradek professionals that made it out to our 40th Anniversary Celebration and Convention.

And for all of you architects, specifiers, builders and home owners who are looking for a fantastic decking product installed by reliable professionals, look no further than your local Duradek Dealer!

If you are a contractor who sees the advantages of working with a brand that considers it’s customers family, you might want to consider checking if there are any opportunities to become a Duradek dealer yourself. Check out our Business Opportunities for more information on how to join this exceptional group of professionals.






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