Duradek’s Top Performers Recognized

Duradek is a family owned and operated business whose product reaches the marketplace through a network of select professionals. At Duradek’s 40th Anniversary Convention that took place in Kelowna, BC at the beginning of October, Duradek was proud to see such a great group of decking professionals all gathered in one place. Having been in the business for 40 years, some of the business relationships have been around nearly as long and now we are seeing these valuable relationships extend to the next generation of Duradek experts.

Duradek values the impressive history the company has developed with many of our respected dealers throughout North America over the years and truly considers every business that represents Duradek as extended family. But it is not just longevity that makes an exceptional Duradek distributor or dealer; sometimes it is that inexplicable X factor that allows some companies to go beyond the ordinary and exceed expectations and averages to truly stand out from the crowd.

Duradek is proud to introduce you to some of the stand-out business who represent Duradek by acknowledging the recipients of Duradek’s Top Performance Awards for 2014 as honored at the Duradek 40th Anniversary Convention.

Performance Awards for Canada

Top Canadian Dealer – Victoria Deck Ltd.

Top Canadian Distributor – Raildek Distribution Ltd.

Performance Awards for the United States

Top U.S. Dealer – Duradek of Virginia

Top U.S. Distributor – Duradek MidAtlantic

Exceptional Performance

Outstanding Initiative – Duradek of Utah

Get to Know the Top Performers of Duradek

Victoria Deck Ltd – Top Canadian Duradek Dealer

Bob Ogivie - Duradek, Brian Nursey - Victoria Deck, Gail Penner - Victoria Deck, John Ogilvie - Duradek.
from left: Bob Ogivie – Duradek, Brian Nursey – Victoria Deck,
Gail Penner – Victoria Deck, John Ogilvie – Duradek.

Victoria Deck Ltd. has been taking care of decking needs in Greater Victoria and southern Vancouver Island since 1976 which makes Victoria Deck Ltd. one of our oldest Duradek dealers (only two years younger than Duradek). Originally created by the father-in-law of co-owner Gail, Victoria Deck is run by brother and sister team Brian Nursey and Gail Penner; and this family business has already spanned two generations shows no signs of slowing down. Supported by an excellent team of estimators and installers, Victoria Deck maintains its reputation by consistently providing exceptional customer service and acute attention to detail from start to finish. Victoria Deck is an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating and is a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association. If you are in the Victoria area, Victoria Deck Ltd. will help you with your decking needs no matter how large or small. Look for Victoria Deck this spring at the Victoria Home Expo at the Juan De Fuca Recreation Center on April 17 – 19, 2015.

Raildek Distribution Ltd. – Top Canadian Distributor

Bob Ogilvie - Duradek, James Simpson - Raildek,
from left: Bob Ogilvie – Duradek, James Simpson – Raildek,
John Ogilvie – Duradek.

Raildek is a direct source for Duradek vinyl in the Greater Toronto area, supplying a skilled network of Duradek dealers throughout Ontario. Created by owner James Simpson in 1984, Raildek has over 25 years of history representing Duradek. James came from an extensive, hands-on construction background and he recognized the need for maintenance free outdoor living products that could withstand the extreme climate for a long-lasting value to home owners. James knows that homeowners who enjoy their outdoor living space want to be spending their time enjoying it, not maintaining it. The relationship with Duradek was a natural fit! With a strong network of authorized Duradek dealers, more Duradek has moved through Raildek’s doors than any other Canadian Duradek distributor this year. Raildek is also the location that provides the product for notable HGTV programs that have used Duradek like The Builder Boss and Income Property. Watch for Duradek this spring on Cottage Life TV as James let us know he provided Duradek to one of his skilled Duradek Dealers to install it for a project on an upcoming episode.

Duradek of Virginia – Top U.S. Dealer

Bob Ogilvie - Duradek, Bill Shank - Duradek of Virginia,
from left: Bob Ogilvie – Duradek, Chip Hampton – Duradek of Virginia, Bill Shank – Duradek of Virginia, John Ogilvie – Duradek

With over 10 years of experience representing Duradek, Bill Shank and Chip Hampton of Duradek of Virginia have installed Duradek vinyl on more decks than any other Duradek dealer in the U.S. this year! This is the second time that Duradek of Virginia has earned this top performing recognition. Located in Springfield, VA and servicing the Washington DC Metro Area, Duradek of Virginia became involved with Duradek coming from a strong roofing background and had actually worked as installers for several Duradek dealers before starting their own dealership. Duradek of Virginia is relied on by some of the U.S.’s major home developers like Pulte Homes, Toll Brothers and many other national home builders. Duradek’s unique use as a walkable roofing membrane provided a reliable solution for a niche market and with Duradek of Virginia embracing the mission of providing comfort to their customers with a worry free roof, Duradek’s ICC approved roofing membrane provides them with an attractive solution as well. Duradek of Virginia is yet another example of the Duradek family extending generations as Bill’s son Michael heads up their installation crew and is sure to carry forward the reputation of excellence earned by Duradek of Virginia.

Duradek MidAtlantic – Top U.S. Distributor

Bob Ogilvie - Duradek, Jaime Kotanko - Duradek MidAtlantic,
from left: Bob Ogilvie – Duradek, Jaime Kotanko – Duradek MidAtlantic, Debbie Rickart – Duradek MidAtlantic, John Harlow – Duradek MidAtlantic, John Ogilvie – Duradek.

Once again, Duradek MidAtlantic is recognized as the top performing U.S. Duradek Distributor. Celebrating its 20th year, Duradek MidAtlantic began it’s operations as a division of a home improvement company and was later co-owned by John Harlow who led the way with their exclusive relationship with Duradek. Duradek MidAtlantic started as an installation company to get the vinyl membrane out into the marketplace, as at that time, Duradek was a virtually unknown product in the region.  Within 5 years, Duradek MidAtlantic had developed a substantial installer network and in just over 10 years had to move to a larger location to meet the ever growing demand for Duradek and Durarail. Owner John Harlow has since retired and Duradek MidAtlantic is now run by his  daughter, Jamie Kotanko.  Duradek MidAtlantic is another example of how the Duradek family extends generations and continues to provide excellence in the deck waterproofing industry. Duradek MidAtlantic accepts nothing but the best, and they consistently set the bar high for the entire Duradek network with an exceptional training model and marketing program…and now, for the 14th year in a row, takes the title of Top U.S. Duradek Distributor.

Duradek of Utah – Exceptional Performance

Bob Ogilvie - Duradek, Samantha McClure - Dekmax
from left: Bob Ogilvie – Duradek, Samantha McClure – Dekmax
Matt McClure – Dekmax, John Ogilvie – Duradek.

The rarely issued Exceptional Performance award was resurrected this year for stand out performance for Duradek of Utah who may have not been the top volume performer, but has fully taken on the Duradek philosophy of educating people to “Doing it Right the First Time” and really embraced the opportunity to develop the roof deck waterproofing business in a region that historically not been recognized for roof decks but is now showing a growing number of new developments embracing this outdoor lifestyle advantage.

Check out these articles featuring notable projects from Duradek of Utah:

The Duradek of Utah Mobile Showroom
The Duradek of Utah Mobile Showroom

Duradek of Utah is getting noticed. Besides these  great high profile projects that show Duradek doing exactly what it was meant to do, Matt has a few other unique, eye-catching techniques up his sleeve. The Dekmax truck has been transformed into a mobile showroom and the custom canopy Matt has made beautifully displays Duradek’s range of waterproofing membranes,  perimeter details, drain details and railing options. Really making his work truck work for him, Matt also put together a little YouTube video demonstrating the strength of Duradek seams by using his truck to tow a Ford F250 with a heat-welded piece of Duradek. It is really amazing to see the welded vinyl stretch as it pulls the F250..and the seams still hold.

Duradek of Utah Seam Strength Video
Duradek of Utah Seam Strength Video

With these kind of initiatives and the excellent work Duradek of Utah is doing with educating the local architectural groups like the Salt Lake City chapter of CSI, Utah is poised to embrace roof decks as much as any major metropolitan harbor city.

 Congratulations to all of our top performers and thanks for your ongoing support of Duradek and bringing reliable low-maintenance roof decks to communities all throughout North America!

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