Duradek Extends Sympathy and Respect for Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Damage From Hurricane Sandy - City Streets
Damage From Hurricane Sandy
– photo from Getty Images

At Duradek, our thoughts have been with the residents of the communities affected by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. After Sandy battered the coastal areas of the eastern seaboard leaving behind a tangled mess of devastation, we joined the rest of the world in quiet astonishment at the amount of damage the storm left behind and with a new level of respect for the strength of the people dealing with such challenging circumstances.

Then mother nature added insult to injury with an early winter storm on the east coast, complete with wet, heavy snow. While many people affected are only now recovering their basic services and the entire scope of the damage has not yet fully been assessed, the clean-up process is well on its way. For some, it is a process of clearing the debris, for others, it is completely starting over…but for all, we send you our best wishes and our respect for the strength and fortitude that you’ve demonstrated through such challenging times, and the unity that has pulled people together to get through it.

This spirit of unity and progress is well spoken by President Obama in this clip:

While we at Duradek cannot begin to fully comprehend the destruction that eastern U.S. residents faced with this disaster, we certainly extend our thoughts and best wishes to those who dealt with the storm’s fury and suffered from lack of essential services, property losses, and personal trauma. And we sincerely extend our hope that all those affected can begin to move forward and get back to their quality of life on the east coast.

Sandy destruction at Kitty Hawk, NC
Sandy destruction at Kitty Hawk, NC
photo from Flikr – dedhed1950
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