Duradek Hits the Airwaves with New TV Commercials for 2012

Duradek has been making a presence in the Canadian market with a series of commercials, and this July they introduce two new 15 second commercial spots. These two new colorful clips vividly demonstrate in only a few seconds how Duradek is the perfect waterproofing solution for decks and patios.

The first of Duradek’s new commercials highlights that Duradek comes in a great selection of colours and patterns. It also focuses on the fact that Duradek is installed only by professional contractors and is backed up by the Duradek guarantee.

The second new commercial demonstrates how Duradek vinyl waterproofing is ideal for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor lifestyle without having to labor to maintain it. Low maintenance Duradek waterproof vinyl offers homeowners the benefit of extending their living space to their decks with style.

Duradek Commercials are Aired on Four Major Canadian Specialty Networks

The National Geographic Channel

National Georgraphic Logo
This hugely popular network has had the largest increase in audience in the last year in specialty T.V. with an excess of 6 million subscribers.

The Do It Yourself Network

DIY Network Logo
The Do It Yourself Network is all programming showing renovations by contractors and homeowners. With just over 2 million subscribers, it is viewed by people who wish to find ideas on renovation (with many shows featuring sundecks being built!).


The Home and Garden network was selected to use for concentration on reality shows on building decks…all kinds of decks. The viewer here is often looking for ideas on decks to pass on to their contractor.

The History Channel
History Channel Logo
This is the largest viewed specialty T.V. station in Canada with a cross section of new programming.

Duradek Makes an Impression

With presence like this and the professional reputation Duradek has built since protecting decks since 1974, it is no wonder that many consumers often consider ‘Duradek’ as synonymous with ‘waterproof vinyl’.
But remember, all vinyl is not created equal! Like Duradek president, John Ogilvie states in the commercial, ‘For a true seal of quality, look for the Duradek logo – before you buy!’

To view these fun new commercials, informational clips, installation sequences and more, visit ‘The Duradek’ Channel on YouTube.

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