Competitive Weather Testing Confirms Duradek’s Superior Performance

Duradek, the most tested vinyl membrane on the market, extended its dedication to performance testing by contracting the services of a 3rd-party testing agency to conduct accelerated weather tests with Duradek vinyl and the vinyl of an alternate supplier that has been emphasizing their tough, scuff resistant clear topcoat/film.

The results speak for themselves…

Accelerated Weathering Testing for vinyl membranes

The pictures above show the results of equally controlled accelerated weather testing, with one randomly chosen sample of each product, conducted side-by-side over a 9 month period by a third-party material testing provider, Atlas Material Testing in Phoenix, Arizona.

(ASTM G90Standard Practice for Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Non-Metallic Materials Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight)

For more information on this comparison testing, see details on this Accelerated Weathering Comparison PDF.

In the lab and on over 175 million square feet of decks from coast-to-coast…

Duradek Vinyl Membranes Stand the Test of Time.

Providing reliable waterproofing for nearly 40 years, Duradek has proven time and time again that its performance surpasses its warranty terms for long-lasting decking solutions.

Walkable  –  Waterproof  –  Roofing Approved

AND – the performance you can count on!

Trained and Authorized Installers  –  10-Year Waterproofing Warranty (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019)


Duradek and Durarail products are virtually maintenance-free so you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time laboring on it this spring! Talk about it with an authorized Duradek Installer.

Duradek – Waterproofing Decks Since 1974.

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