Deck Waterproofing the Celebrity Builders Prefer

Celebrity Builders are a unique breed of professionals and when it comes to deck waterproofing, celebrity builders rely on the professional waterproofing experts of Duradek. Known for their expertise and their ability to bring solutions to ‘problem’ projects, celebrity builders keep viewers entertained while educating them on specific details of various projects and the most reliable materials to use. For homeowners and builders alike, these home renovation or building reality shows bring valuable advice on a variety of projects, and with waterproofing projects, the insights given can save precious time and investment to ensure you do it right the first time.

Deck Waterproofing on HGTV’s Dream House

On Episode DRH-1601 “Groundbreaking in Chattanooga” extreme sloped property and uncooperative weather added challenges to the project. The project manager and the general contractor were brother and father to the homeowner and it is certain they wanted the best, most reliable waterproofing for their family member. It is no wonder that they chose Duradek vinyl for waterproofing the second-level deck that kept the area below dry and usable.

Deck Waterproofing on HGTV’s Holmes on Homes

Few names hold as much esteem as Mike Holmes when it comes to reliable building projects. Mike Holmes is known as Canada’s most trusted contractor and he has built an empire from his mission to Make it Right®. His #1 rated show on HGTV, Holmes on Homes® is an honest and revealing show that gives homeowners around the world tips on how to manage a renovation and what to look out for in home repair and maintenance.

Deck Addition on Holmes on Homes 'Rocky Reno'
Deck Addition on ‘Rocky Reno’

On Episode 7081 “Rocky Reno”, Mike came in to save the day when the homeowners’ planned addition was left hanging by an unreliable contractor. For the deck portion of the project, Mike called on the Duradek professionals for the roof-grade waterproofing membrane that keeps the area below the deck dry, as well as the low-maintenance Durarail aluminum railing system that can stand up to the relentless elements of the Rocky Mountains.

Deck Waterproofing on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Ty Pennington, host of Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Ty Pennington

Sometimes home renovations are very life-changing and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition changes lives with each episode. Hosted by the charming and enthusiastic Ty Pennington, this home building/renovation program focuses on families who have faced incredible challenges and where home improvement immediately equates to changing lives. Duradek was very proud to be a part of these domestic transformations by providing deck waterproofing and railings.

Finishing the exterior of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The Swenson Lee Family Home
Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The Swenson Lee Family Home

On the very memorable and moving 2-part 100th episode in season 5, the Swenson-Lee family has gone from tragedy to togetherness with a home addition to accommodating the almost immediate growth of a family of 3 to a family of 10. This amazing home transformation took place with the help of TJB Homes and hundreds of volunteers to be accomplished in only 7 days. TJB Homes went above and beyond and have documented this heart-warming project with a beautiful photo and video gallery taking you through every step of the way.

Extreme Makeover Home Editon: The Latiff Family Home
Extreme Makeover Home Editon: The Latiff Family Home

In the 5th season, episode 22, the Latif Family whose lifetime of struggling to improve the lives of their family and that of those in their community gained much-needed assistance in renovating the home that was virtually falling apart around them. Duradek ensures that going forward, their patio is protected from the elements and kept safe.

Deck Waterproofing on W-Network’s Home Wreckers

This W Network program’s initial episode “All Hands on Deck” featured a home that put all their renovation eggs into their kitchen basket and completely neglected their deck which was on the verge of completely collapsing. Duradek was there to provide the waterproof vinyl and to ensure the new deck was properly protected for many years to come.

Deck Waterproofing with the Builder Boss on HGTV

Jim Caruk and James of Duradek
Jim Caruk and James from Duradek

Celebrity builder extraordinaire, Jim Caruk recently launched his second successful building reality program, “Builder Boss”. In its first season, Jim and his crew relied on Duradek for two of their projects.
In episode 6, “The Bunker” the task to build an underground room below an outdoor tile patio could have been a stressful endeavor, but with Duradek Ultra Tiledek under-tile roofing membrane, Jim’s crew and customer can be confident that the new room below the tile patio is properly protected with a reliable waterproof membrane with roofing grade approval.

In episode 7, “Porch and Garden” Duradek contributes to the success of the project again by providing the vinyl waterproof membrane on a newly added second level deck which keeps the lower level deck below dry and protected.
During Jim Caruk’s first successful renovation reality series, “Real Renos”, Duradek was there in the 6th season to contribute to the success of a multi-million dollar project on an episode entitled “Picture Perfect”.

Deck Waterproofing Recommendations by Industry Referral Specialists

It is not just the professionals in the reality T.V. building programs that believe in the strength and reliability of Duradek. Renovation experts that have been in the home improvement industry for decades will often recommend Duradek for your deck waterproofing needs. Radio personality, Gary Sullivan with his weekly home renovation program “At Home with Gary Sullivan” recommends Duradek from coast to coast in the U.S., while Shell Busey, one of the original Canadian home renovation referral experts often recommends Duradek.

Mike Holmes, John Ogilvie (president of Duradek) and Gary Sullivan
Mike Holmes, John Ogilvie (president of Duradek) and Gary Sullivan

Deck Waterproofing for Your Home

You don’t need a celebrity endorsement to want the best in low-maintenance waterproof protection for your own home. All you need is a product you can count on installed by professionally trained experts. With the number of celebrity builders that rely on Duradek and have a national audience where reputation relies upon the success of their work, you can be confident that Duradek is reliable too. How else could you be offered an industry-leading 10-year warranty (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019) on your waterproof protection? Check it out for yourself by contacting an authorized Duradek dealer in your area for more information on how Duradek can solve your deck waterproofing needs.

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