Deck Waterproofing Around Posts Need Professional Details – Case History #167


Roof Deck Renovation in Severn, MD


This roof deck was originally ‘waterproofed’ with a membrane product, but really, the end result was not anything even close to water-tight!

Failed waterproofing product.
This membrane product was not installed with professional waterproofing details.

The previous installers did not take care of critical waterproofing details when the membrane was laid. Important areas, like the posts for example, did not receive proper waterproofing techniques and it allowed moisture to make its way to the substrate.

improper waterproofing around a deck post
Inadequate waterproofing techniques did nothing to stop water from infiltrating this deck.

Once water has found a way in, it will steadily encourage mold and wood rot that can spread quickly to result in a ‘spongy’, soft deck surface.


When the Duradek installers pulled off the railings and pulled up the old material, it was shocking to see how badly the deck substrate had actually become. The wood was rotted to the point of crumbling and the entire surface, as well as some minor joist sections, had to be replaced.

wood rot on a deck that had failed waterproofing
Water infiltration rotted wood to the point of complete deterioration.

The replacement substrate was prepared with 3/4 inch untreated T&G plywood to receive the new Duradek Ultra Supreme Granite Chip vinyl.

plywood deck substrate
A new substrate was prepared with untreated plywood.

The vinyl was installed with Duradek’s recommended detailing techniques that properly waterproof the deck, and the existing railings were able to be re-installed.

Deck waterproofed with Duadek vinyl deck membrane.
Duradek Supreme Granite Chip was installed with complete attention to professional waterproofing techniques.


PVC membranes are one of the most, possibly THE most effective single-application method of waterproofing a pedestrian roof deck…but it must be installed correctly to perform as intended.

That is why Duradek vinyl membranes are only available through a select group of installers that have been trained in the intricate details of deck waterproofing.

When it comes to roof deck waterproofing, a general contractor often does not have enough specialized experience to ensure complete waterproof protection. Duradek installers are trained in the specific details that are critical in roof deck waterproofing applications. If you have a deck you are thinking of remodeling, be sure to include your local Duradek installer when you are requesting estimates.

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