Deck Builders in Ontario Can Access Duradek’s #1 Canadian Distributor of Waterproof Vinyl Decking

Deck Builders and home owners alike appreciate the value of a reliable waterproofing product, particularly in regions like Ontario where weather conditions can go from one extreme to the other. Outdoor living areas are exposed to incredible freeze-thaw cycles annually so deck building product distributors need to be able to offer products that can withstand the elements.

Building product distributors who choose their offerings wisely can make a big impact on their local building communities. Duradek is proud to supply all of our wise distributors and to acknowledge our top performing distributor in Ontario who received Duradek’s Top Canadian Distributor award at the company’s recent 2017 Convention.

Top Canadian Distributor – Raildek Distribution

Duradek is a proud Canadian company and this year we are proud to once again recognize Raildek Distribution as our top Canadian Distributor. Raildek is a direct source for Duradek vinyl in the Greater Toronto area, supplying a skilled network of authorized Duradek dealers throughout Ontario.

Created by owner James Simpson in 1984, Raildek has over 30 years of history representing Duradek. James came from an extensive, hands-on construction background and he recognized the need for maintenance free outdoor living products that could withstand the extreme climate for a long-lasting value to home owners. James knows that homeowners who enjoy their outdoor living space want to be spending their time enjoying it, not maintaining it. The relationship with Duradek was a natural fit!

With a strong network of authorized Duradek dealers, more Duradek vinyl decking has moved through Raildek’s doors than any other Canadian distributor this year. Raildek is also the location that provides the product for notable HGTV programs that have used Duradek like The Builder Boss and Income Property where trouble leaks over living space were resolved for good with Duradek (read details in HGTV’s Income Property Called On Duradek for a Waterproofing Solution).

Congratulations James and the team at Raildek Distribution for your achievement!

Duradek Waterproofing Available from Coast to Coast

With a brand so strong the name ‘Duradek is often synonymous with ‘vinyl decking‘, the reputation of our waterproofing solutions keeps Duradek installers in demand! With a distribution chain from coast-to-coast, Duradek has two warehouse facilities in Canada and installers from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Duradek is only installed by trained and authorized professionals to make sure home owners are fully protected with the best waterproofing performance available.

If you would like to consult with a Duradek installer, you can find a dealer in your area for an estimate.

If you are a contractor interested in looking at growing your business with a proven product, you might want to learn more about Duradek’s business opportunities.

No matter what your waterproofing motivation may be, Duradek has your low-maintenance solution.


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