DIY Deck Projects Not Recommended in BC – Choose a Duradek Dealer

Home owners in BC don’t have to have a do-it-yourself approach…they can rely on Duradek professionals to take care of their deck renovations. Duradek vinyl membranes for use on decks and balconies was first conceived in the sunny Okanagan 40 years ago and it is still today the leader in PVC membrane waterproofing. Duradek can be found from coast-to-coast in North America, but it still keeps its home-base in beautiful British Columbia.

Deck waterproofing is a specialty trade and there are a lot of details to take care of to ensure your waterproofing is performing as expected and doing its job of protecting your home. While some people may prefer to save a few dollars on do-it-yourself deck renovations, the savings are often lost in ongoing repairs. Even selecting a contractor with little experience in deck waterproofing may cost you more in the long run. And with the wet and wildly fluctuating weather in BC, you don’t want to take risks with your waterproofing product or installation.

Duradek goes through extensive testing and third party quality control to ensure our vinyl is of the highest quality to protect your home, but one of the things that truly separates Duradek from other vinyl options is that Duradek is installed only by trained and authorized contractors.

Since BC is the home of Duradek it is not a surprise that some of the most experienced Duradek installers can be found in this western province. 

For example, United Vinyl Sundecks who is Duradek’s North Vancouver dealer has over 20 years experience in both residential and commercial applications.

On Vancouver Island, Victoria Deck Ltd. is the Duradek dealer for the south island. They have been around since 1976 and their experience and skill with vinyl installations makes them an excellent example of what makes a Duradek dealer stand out from other options.

Duradek is very proud to work with such a wide range of professional trades men and women who share our philosophy of ‘doing it right the first time’.

To view details on these great Duradek dealers, or other Duradek dealers in BC, you can search the Duradek listing on the Yellow Pages website.

For Duradek installers in BC and all North American locations, visit our ‘Find a Dealer’ feature to locate a Duradek professional near you.

Important Consideration if Your Are Getting Quotes on Deck Renovations

Please keep in mind that the spring and summer seasons are when many people want their deck renovations done (even through Duradek can be installed all year round in most weather conditions). Since Duradek installers are in demand in peak decking season, get your request for a quote in early and allow for plenty of time for the project to be completed as your contractor may have several decking projects in line ahead of yours…but it will be worth any wait to get it done right the first time!

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