Case History #152 | Residential Deck Waterproofing Renovation – Boise, ID


Residential Deck Waterproofing Renovation – Boise, ID


This residential deck is situated in an ideal location fro enjoying the vista and relaxing. The owner of the home had felt that waterproofing the deck was something he could easily complete, which he attempted by applying a liquid coating. Unfortunately the liquid system failed and the homeowner once again invested his time and money into protecting the deck with the same ineffective liquid coating system. After the coating started to show cracking after the second attempt, the homeowner decided to look for other waterproofing options to surface his deck.

This liquid coating (behind the shadow of the railings) shows major cracking

This liquid coating (behind the shadow of the railings) shows major cracking even after two attempts.


The local Duradek Dealer was called to assess the deck. The failure of the existing coating had allowed enough water to get underneath to the substrate to cause damage. While sometimes sanding the failed coating down is adequate for the application of Duradek vinyl, in this case to finish the job safely and professionally a new substrate was recommended before installing Duradek Ultra Heritage Sunrise. The basket style picket railing from Durarail is a powder coated aluminum and offers the same low maintenance benefits as the Duradek vinyl…no recoating required!

Duradek and Durarail in Idaho

A beautiful deck, a beautiful view…and the beauty of waterproofing peace-of-mind with Duradek.JOB NOTES

In addition to the waterproofing longevity that Duradek vinyl membranes offer, the application is a much less intrusive process and allows you to enjoy your deck right away. While liquid coating systems require time to dry, often with multiple coats being applied, Duradek’s single ply system allows you to use the deck immediately after Duradek vinyl has been applied. No drying or curing time….no reapplication. Just a beautifully protected deck.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #152 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.

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