Estate Pool House New Roof Deck | Case History #145


The owner of this estate home wanted to have an elevated deck near the pool so that there could be a lounging area to enjoy the view of the lake.

The existing pool house had a regular, sloped roof. Rather than build a new structure, the decision was made to remodel the pool house to accommodate a roof deck that could be surfaced with exterior tile and accessed from a spiral staircase.

Since there was a full bar/kitchen underneath, it was critical that the roof deck provide reliable waterproof protection.


The old roof had to be removed and a new roof completely reconstructed to accommodate a walkable surface with adequate water routing.

The Duradek installer prepared the plywood substrate by fastening a cement board to which he then adhered the Duradek Ultra Tiledek membrane.

Once the roof deck of the pool house was finished with the same beautiful tiles as the rest of the pool area, black Durarail powder-coated railings with glass inserts was installed to complete the low maintenance deck that was designed specifically to enjoy the view.

Tile Roof Deck waterproofed with Duradek Ultra Tiledek


With a fully operational kitchen in the bar underneath the pool house deck, there was no room for error in the waterproofing performance on the deck above.

pool house bar with tile deck above, waterproofed by Tiledek
The bar/kitchen area is protected with roof grade waterproofing Tiledek membrane.

Duradek Ultra Tiledek was able to provide waterproof protection that is guaranteed for 10-years. Even if one of the surface tiles was damaged and needed replacing, the waterproofing underneath remains intact.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #145 for the complete case history with installer details and images.

Job Contact:

Duradek Georgia Representative

Norm Shafer


Applicating Contractor:

Duradek of Georgia

R.L. Hayes


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