Case History #142 | A New Deck in a Challenging Environment

New Private Residence in Rural Northern Alberta


Finding a good contractor can be difficult in the best of circumstances, but when the project is an hour and a half outside of the nearest town in the wilderness of Northern Alberta it is an even bigger challenge.

Besides retaining the services of a good installer for waterproofing specialties, this project required a product that will stand up to the elements that can wreak havoc in a cold northern winter. And with the decking project requiring roofing grade protection, the waterproofing element was critical.


The professional commitment of our Duradek installers was demonstrated when David from Koala-Tee Renovations made the long trek to the wilderness to bring his waterproofing expertise to this new home.

With a good sized upper deck over top of a lower level deck, Duradek Ultra Cork Macchiato was the perfect choice to complement the style of the home. The new homeowners now have a beautiful and low-maintenance deck, as well as a completely dry area for the lower level below.

Duradek Case History #142 - after
From freezing snow to summer sun, Duradek
is a decking solution for all North American climates.

The general contractor for this job had never worked with Duradek before. After seeing the completed job, he was so impressed with the Duradek Ultra vinyl membrane that he asked David from Koala-Tee Renovations to do his own home deck too!

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