Cautionary Advice on Unproven Deck Building Products Technology

Duradek is very vocal about the truth that ‘new’ isn’t always better…especially when it comes to building products; and now Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation has discovered that basic truth the hard way.

The group built 104 energy-efficient homes in the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Dozens of those homes built from 2008 to 2010 included decks and stairs made from TimberSIL, a supposedly glass-infused wood that claimed to provide “an effective barrier in lumber to rot, decay and common wood problems” without using toxic ingredients.

This ‘new’ product’s lack of chemicals appealed to the Make It Right foundation because of its dedication to “green” building features, but the product performance fell short when premature reports of rot and decay started appearing in 2013…nowhere near the 40 year product guarantee.

As expressed in the New Orleans Advocate, “some local home builders and other non-profit executives said they saw the episode as a cautionary example of the problems facing many in their industry in trying to balance new, cutting-edge technology with time-tested construction techniques.”

Duradek’s 40+ year history timeline

The professionals at Duradek couldn’t agree more! We are cautioning builders about a potential similar issue in the niche vinyl decking industry with some manufacturers releasing highly suspect, unproven products into the market. (See Vinyl Deck Membranes Appearance Promises vs. Appearance Warranty).

It is unfortunate that Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation had not chosen the time proven Duradek vinyl deck membranes for these projects. Duradek has a proven 40 year history and has gone through several warranty cycles to be absolutely confident in the Duradek product and installation techniques. Furthermore, Duradek is also a “green” product and is installed on untreated plywood to avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

New Product Failure Rates

Innovation is a great thing, but if you don’t want to gamble on your project and money invested, be sure to use a product that has a proven performance history. To speak to a Duradek professional in your area to bring Duradek’s 40 years of performance to your projects, contact a Duradek dealer in your area.

Useful Resources:

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