Duradek Acknowledges Milestones of a Team that Contributes to Success

The support a construction professional can draw on from a building products manufacturer can make a big difference in how smoothly the project flows from beginning to end. When it comes to vinyl deck waterproofing, Duradek has been forging the trail as the leader in this niche industry for over 40 years. (See The Duradek Story)

A big part of this leadership is provided to you due to the dedication of the staff that makes up the Duradek team. At the Duradek Canada office, we recently acknowledged this dedication by recognizing some milestones reached by our staff, whom we warmly consider our Duradek family.

Duradek Team Milestones

Len Viegener – Technical Manager: 20 years

Len’s expertise and dedication ensure Duradek vinyl products go from the factory to the field with the high level of quality that Duradek has become known for. Len ensures all product testing, technical training, product compatibility and unique job site challenges are handled with expert efficiency. Len is now working in a semi-retired, part time capacity, but we are unwilling to let his expertise go completely!

Dawn Fyfe – Customer Service Manager / Purchasing: 15 years

Dawn is an integral part of the Duradek operation and ensures that Duradek vinyl gets into the hands of our customers from every stage of the journey. From placing manufacturer orders, to keeping our vinyl stock levels filled in the warehouse, to overseeing the customer service department and ensuring customers’ needs are met – Dawn has her finger on the pulse of the Duradek operation. Dawn knows the ins and outs of the vinyl business and will always make sure every customer gets the support they need for every project.

left to right: Robert from the warehouse, John Ogilvie - Duradek President, Len our Technical Manager
left to right: Robert from the warehouse, John Ogilvie – Duradek President, Len our Technical Manager

Kevin MacMillan – International Sales Manager: 10 years

Kevin is a non-stop business generation and support machine! He is so busy, we rarely see him in the office. Kevin supports all or our Distributors throughout North America; and now also in New Zealand. When Kevin is not visiting Distributors and Dealers, he is attending trade shows and further developing the excellent area coverage that Duradek can provide. Not just a desk manager, Kevin has his fair share of hands-on experience with a heat welder and has done many Duradek vinyl installations himself. His breadth of product knowledge and hands-on experience makes Kevin one of our best Duradek trainers.

Nina Bezzegh – Assistant Controller: 10 years

Nina is a strong player behind the scene here at Duradek. While not a lot of our customers see her directly, she ensures the business administration aspects of the business are handled efficiently and effectively. Nina handles all the payables for the company and keeps us operational. She is a fantastic team player and makes sure we all operate cost-effectively. She is one of our favourite people – and not just because she does the payroll!

left to right: Bob Ogilvie - Duradek General Manager, Dawn - Customer Service Manager, John Ogilvie - Duradek President, Kevin - Int'l Sales Manager, Nina - Assistant Controller, Annie - Accounts Receivable
left to right: Bob Ogilvie – Duradek General Manager, Dawn – Customer Service Manager, John Ogilvie – Duradek President, Kevin – Int’l Sales Manager, Nina – Assistant Controller, Annie – Accounts Receivable

Robert Lamarre – Warehouse: 10 years

Robert is a dedicated member of the Duradek team, ensuring our vinyl is received, inspected and prepared for customer orders in a timely manner. During our busy summer months, this means a LOT of hard work. Robert can move 170 lb roll of vinyl like it was made of air, not 60 mil PVC! No matter how busy our warehouse can get, Robert’s main concern is that the customer gets their order filled accurately, quickly and with a keen eye for quality control. All of this, always with a friendly smile and a genuine fondness for our customers.

Annie Wu – Accounts Receivable: 5 years

Annie is a strong member of the accounting team and her quiet demeanor belies her professional efficiencies and personal attributes. Annie’s dependable performance keeps the books up-to-date and ensures customer accounts are handled with professional service. Her accounting acumen is appreciated by all and further to her actual job position, we rely on her exclusively for cutting equal portions of cake when celebrating a staff birthday.

The Duradek Team

We truly appreciate the whole team at both the Duradek Canada and Duradek U.S. offices. More than a just people that work together, this family owned and operated business regards the whole team as their Duradek family. This same team considers our customers extended Duradek family.

If you like to do business with a company that cares, bring your deck waterproofing needs to Duradek and we’ll take care of you like you are one of our own.

If you’d like to consider starting or expanding your business with Duradek, take a look at our Business Opportunities and reach out to us any time!

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