5 Top Decking Trends For 2013

Creating or expanding outdoor living space is a top home improvement trend for 2013 and more than ever homeowners are taking advantage of the opportunity to make their decks an expansion of their home. Decks are no longer restricted to the traditional 20 x 10 foot rectangular deck with limited seasonal use but are fast becoming year-round usable space for leisure, entertainment and functionality.

Here’s a look at some of the top trends in decking in the last year.

1 – Double Your Deck Space

The days of the traditional deck owner are giving way to a new generation of homeowners who value outdoor living and are creating outdoor spaces that rival their interior square footage. One of the easiest ways to double your deck space is to use waterproof outdoor flooring on upper level decks to create dry useable space below.

2-story deck kept dry by Duradek
An outdoor leisure room is provided with the roof grade waterproof protection above with Duradek.

This opens up a variety options for homeowners who can utilize that extra space based on their personal preferences and priorities. Whether for a simple covered patio, a screen-enclosed porch or additional dry storage area, the use of quality roof-grade waterproofing on your upper level deck is a great way to maximize your space. Surfacing your elevated deck with a Duradek vinyl membrane provides the roof-grade waterproofing you need to create dry, usable space below while at the same time providing an attractive, walkable surface in a single, one-time application.

2 – The Shape of Things to Come

Multi-Level Deck - Duradek
Mulit-level decks create distinct outdoor ‘rooms’.

Decks are no longer limited to the typical rectangle shape and are taking on a variety of formations to best suit the outdoor enthusiast. As mentioned above, two-level decks are a great way to maximize the space but creative design and innovative products are bringing multiple variations to the traditional deck space. Multi-level decks are gaining in popularity as outdoor living space increasingly emulates interior living with distinct outdoor rooms being created with the use of tiered deck levels and pergolas.

Additionally, deck space is not restricted to hard angles. Unique design elements like hexagon or curved decks are increasingly popular. Products like Durarail’s innovative Panorama Post topless glass railing system includes glass channels with a 60° angle variance to allow for easy installation on virtually any shape of deck while bringing a sophisticated railing solution to maximize your view.

Durarail Panorama Post
Panorama Post makes installing
railings on curved decks easy!
Photo by Duradek New England.

3 – Functional Design with Railings

Railings are not just a functionary safety element; they are an integral part of the design and overall look of your deck. The railing options available today are many and varied which gives homeowners the advantage in coming up with a look that can really bring out the best of their outdoor living space and design preferences.

Topless glass railing systems provide a sophisticated look for the best view decks, cable railing systems provide a view through system that also allows for air flow and any combination of pickets, glass panels, and custom patterns can be assembled to create a truly unique system that gives your home some flair and reflect your individuality.

4 – Less Work, More Fun

Even people who really love their decks don’t want to have to spend entire days working on it. Sand, stain, seal…repeat annually. Sometimes waiting for the right weather to fall on days you actually have the time to work on your deck means your maintenance is left uncompleted. Or worse…you neglected the maintenance on your wood deck too long and now you are dealing with wood rot and replacing the whole structure.


Homeowner laboring on refinishing wood deck
Why labor on your place of leisure?

Deck enthusiasts have been opting for low maintenance decking materials that allow them to just enjoy their deck, not labour on it. Composite decking materials have gained huge popularity over that last several years, however the quality and longevity of those products has appeared to be a bit of a gamble as seen in some class action suits from some very unhappy composite decking customers.

For a best bet in low-maintenance decking materials, Duradek vinyl membranes have a 40-year proven performance history and provide many years of warrantied waterproof protection for your deck with only a one-time installation. Just a seasonal cleaning is all these deck surfaces need to keep looking great…so people who enjoy time on their decks can continue doing just that!

5 – Fantastic Features

With the trend of increasing the amount of deck space to create versatile outdoor living areas, homeowners are taking advantage of the many options of features available to create their distinct outdoor rooms. Outdoor furniture, fully functional kitchens, fascinating water features and impressive fire features that provide ambiance as well as warmth are some of the most sought after features to incorporate into deck areas.

These additions work great as add-ons, but many deck builders are incorporating these features right into the structure of the deck with built-in seating, lighting and other appliances. Homeowners get the most out of their budgets by proper planning with their deck builder to ensure the most critical elements are included. What can’t be built in immediately can often be added on later.

Duradek Macchiato vinyl membrane and Durarail Panorama Post topless glass railing system.
Duradek Macchiato vinyl membrane and Durarail Panorama Post topless glass railing system.

The Truth Behind the Trends

Just remember that protecting your deck with proper waterproofing is the most critical detail and should be considered right at the beginning of your deck building or renovating plans. No matter how soundly built the structure or how beautifully detailed the features, if your deck is not protected from the elements, eventually it will deteriorate which will affect its stability. Safety is always the most important feature of your deck no matter what the current trends may be.

To discuss waterproofing your deck using a Duradek vinyl membrane as your outdoor flooring, talk to an authorized Duradek installer in your area.

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