3 Most Important Tips for Winter Deck Care

Keep your vinyl deck safe and attractive throughout winter and beyond with these 3 important tips:

While we are inching our way through winter, many regions with heavier than normal snowfall are dealing with digging their way out of the white stuff more than most years. Dreams of barbecues on the deck have taken a back seat to the realities of ice and snow, but snow management on your deck is a breeze with a Duradek vinyl deck.

Winter Vinyl Deck Tip #1 – Use Only a Plastic Snow Shovel

It’s no problem at all to shovel snow off of your deck and the textured surface can easily withstand contact with a plastic shovel, but just be sure to avoid snow shovels with metal edges that allow the risk of puncturing your vinyl membrane. Duradek vinyl is an extremely reliable waterproofing solution, but if it is compromised with a puncture or tear, moisture can penetrate through to the structure. While repairs are possible, if a puncture has gone unnoticed for an extended time, it may lead to a larger repair.

Shoveling snow off a Duradek deck.
Always use a plastic edged snow shovel on a vinyl deck.

Winter Vinyl Deck Tip #2 – Use De-Icing Agents

Duradek vinyl is textured for slip-resistance, but with a layer of ice on top, it can be as slippery as any other pedestrian surface. We want you to safely enjoy your deck all year, so rest assured you can use a variety of snow and ice melting solutions on it without concern. Rock salt, snow melting chemicals and even kitty litter for non-slip traction are perfectly safe to use (just be sure to use traditional, course kitty litter for non-slip traction, because if you mistakenly use the fine-sand clumping cat litter, you will wind up with a heavy, muddy mess to clean up).

Duradek in the winter
De-icers are safe to use on Duradek.

Winter Vinyl Deck Tip #3 – Rinse Well When the Season Changes

To get the most longevity in your deck’s appearance, be sure to give it a wash with soap and water after winter, including a very thorough rinse to be sure to remove any chemical residue from de-icers or soap. While the chemicals from de-icers do not damage the vinyl surface when applied, if a chemical film is left on the surface from de-icers or cleaning agents, direct sun can bake those chemicals into the vinyl which is harmful and will affect your deck’s appearance.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can be confident in taking all precautions available to keep your deck clear of ice and snow through the remaining winter months and look forward to the return of the warm weather to get back to really enjoying your deck again.

Duradek protected deck
The area below a Duradek protected deck has the advantage of roof-grade waterproof protection.

The Advantages of Duradek Walkable Rooftop Deck and Waterproofing Vinyl in the Winter

Those of you who have a deck protected with Duradek vinyl membranes have an attractive and low maintenance decking solution throughout the year and winter is no exception. Duradek vinyl allows for easy and worry-free winter deck care. PLUS – if your Duradek vinyl is on a second level deck….you’ve got a protected, dry area underneath. Even with heavy snow, Duradek keeps the lower decks clear for use and you can still enjoy a little outdoor living space when the snow has covered everything else.

If you do not yet have a Duradek waterproof deck and you would like to talk to a Duradek dealer about your decking needs, contact a Duradek dealer in your area for a free estimate.

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