2010 Florida Building Code Requirements Are Met By Duradek Ultra Vinyl

Duradek is one of the most tested PVC waterproof membranes on the market and has shown excellent results in all North American climates. However, there are some American climates that operate to a different standard than the rest of the nation. Florida has its own unique environmental challenges, and thus the Florida Building Commission created a unique standard and product approval system – the 2010 Florida Building Code.

2010 Florida Building Code

The state of Florida has a unified code composed of two sections with product approval systems for each section. The state section includes 65 of 67 counties. The High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) is geographically defined as Dade County (Miami) and Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) only.

Hurricane Map, Florida

As Florida is a natural disaster-prone state, it requires a higher standard for performance of products, materials, and systems of construction. The Florida Building Commission (FBC) administers the Florida Product Approval System.

Duradek Ultra Meets the Florida Building Code Requirements

QAI LogoThe FBC has determined that Duradek Ultra Roof and Walking Deck Membranes meet the requirements of the 2010 Florida Building Code (except for the HVHZ). Duradek’s submission was reviewed by a state licensed engineer and is under a third-party quality assurance program administered by Quality Auditing Institute Ltd. (QAI).

Duradek Ultra’s Florida Product Approval can be used as a basis for evaluating the suitability for use in other geographical areas that are hurricane prone or have “special wind regions”.

FBC Logo

To view Duradek Ultra’s Florida product approval, visit the Florida Building Commission online and search for FL# 20069.

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