10 Tips to Most Enjoy Your Staycation

Long weekends in May traditionally mark the unofficial start of cottage season, but if you are avoiding the frantic rush to get out-of-town this May long-weekend and opting instead to enjoy your outdoor living space at home, we’ve got some tips for you to get the most enjoyment and rejuvenation from your staycation.

1 – Plan for your pleasure. Do all of your shopping, errands and chores before the start of your staycation so there is no need to interrupt your leisure time with any household needs.

2 – Choose to say ‘no’. Do not do any projects on your to-do list or accept invitations out of obligation…this is relaxing time!


Man on knees working on redoing deck.
If you have a high-maintenance deck, your staycation is not the time to tackle it (although it is the perfect time for daydreaming about your ideal deck!)

3 – Loose track of time. Don’t keep checking the clock…you don’t have to be anywhere. Indulge in the luxurious freedom of being purely self indulgent with what you want to do, when you feel like doing it.

4 – Turn off the phone. Unless you are organizing time with your loved ones, don’t let unexpected calls distract you from your leisure time. As good as your intentions are to not think about work, your best-friend’s current drama and your extended family’s needs, all it takes is one unexpected call to get the wheels of your mind turning and distract you from your leisure time.

5 – Turn off your computer. Let’s face it…you spend too much time on it anyway. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can live without you for a few days. Don’t let following those “you gotta’ see this…” links suck up hours of your valuable staycation time…chance are those same posts will still be available for you to check out in a few days.

6 – Read with abandon. Not business reports or educational material, but something for pure pleasure, guilty or otherwise.

Girl lounging and reading on a Duradek deck.
There’s plenty of time for lounging and reading when you have a low-maintenance Duradek deck.

7 – Turn up the tunes. No matter if you are a fan of country, jazz, hip-hop or good old fashioned rock n’ roll, your favourite music can be a mood elevator and add an extra element of enjoyment.

8 – Time with those you love. Family and friends bring the most pleasure in life whether you are in your most desired bucket-list destination or just in your own back yard. A little time with your loved ones with no agenda and no pressures, just the joy of their company, can do wonders to refresh the spirit.

9 – BBQ something new. While most of us with decks and barbecues enjoy throwing our favourites on the grill as often as possible throughout the year, adding something new on the grill in addition to your go-to favourites brings a little sense of newness and discovery without ever leaving your deck.

Beautiful lifestyle deck. Duradek Espresso Roof Deck.
When you are barbecuing on a Duradek, spills are easily cleaned off the surface.

10 – Be self indulgent. It’s your time for recharging. If people have requested things from you that are not life-or-death emergencies, there’s no reason they can not wait a few days. If you want to eat something that is beyond your caloric limit, what’s wrong with a little cheat? If you want that extra margaritas while lounging on your deck, hey, you’re not going anywhere…why not? The point being that discipline, self-care and taking care of others in your life are all important, but your staycation is about recharging and rejuvenating for yourself…so enjoy it!

Duradek Ultra Cork Natural and Panorama Post.
Duradek Ultra Cork Natural and Panorama Post.

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Enjoy your staycation!


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