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Dek-Vision – Virtual Railing Design Tool for Decks & Balconies

Selecting your railing colors has never been so easy!

With Dek-Vision online visualizer tool, virtual railing design is right at your fingertips. Compare different railing color options for your deck or balcony from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Dek-Vision lets you switch between all 9 standard Durarail railing colors and match them up with the whole line of Duradek vinyl colors and patterns. With multiple siding options, you can match your virtual railing design to the look of your exterior design.

Choose from 6 pre-loaded deck images that include railing to compare Durarail railing colors in a variety of exterior design combinations.

Virtual Railing Design - Animated

A deck makeover that starts with virtual railing design from Dek-Vision will give you a good idea of how Durarail railing will look on your deck or balcony. Though it may not be an exact representation of the type of railing system you choose, it will help you make that critical color decision. You can be confident in your selection of a railing color that you will be happy with for the many, many years your Durarail deck railings will last. Once you decide on the color you want, simply contact us to discuss your railing needs and get a free estimate on your deck renovation or new build.
Discover the Duradek Difference.

Planning Your Railing Design with Dek-Vision

  • Select one of the preloaded deck images that most closely reflects the style of your deck or balcony railings.
  • Save your Dek-Vision images by simply logging-in to come back to them later.
  • Share your Dek-Vision creations for feedback from family and friends on social media with the hashtag #DoItWithDuradek.
  • Once you have your favorite color selection, be sure to request more information on your favorite railing styles from our large selection of picket and glass railing systems.

Request Samples for Deck Makeover from your Duradek Dealer

Deck Makeover Considerations

A deck makeover is possibly the most enjoyable of all home renovation plans. After all, it is a place of leisure that your whole family can enjoy. It is where many of your family’s memories are created and a favorite place to entertain when the season allows. When you are selecting your decking products, your design elements, and your deck accessories, be sure to keep in mind how you spend time on your deck. By planning ahead for how you most enjoy using your deck, you can make the best decisions for a deck that will suit you and your family for many years to come.

Virtual railing design from Dek-Vision by Durarail Railings
Dek-Vision by Duradek lets you experiment with all 9 of Durarail’s standard railing colors.

Is your deck elevated and does it require guardrails for safety?

Depending on your local building codes, the deck or patio height at which deck railings are mandatory may fluctuate slightly. If your deck is elevated at all, it is wise to use railings for safety, but deck railings are also an important element of your exterior design. Deck railings add character and style to your home in addition to their primary function of safety and defining space.

Are your railing design needs multi-functional?

Do you have a fantastic view on one side of your deck, but want privacy from neighbors on another? Do you like the look of traditional picket railings, but experience heavy wind coming from one direction which makes it difficult to enjoy time on your deck? With Durarail railing systems, you can choose your railing design to suit your needs. Select a topless glass or cable railing system on the side you want unobstructed views, a picket system with sturdy top rails where you want to use railing planter boxes, or a glass or plank systems where you want privacy or windscreens. The options are limitless with Durarail so you can design your deck railing to match your lifestyle.

Does your deck need to be low maintenance?

While some people may enjoy the physical labor of annual deck maintenance, many of us do not. Most of us prefer to use our decks purely for leisure. But the truth of the matter is that waterproofing is incredibly important in protecting the structure and keeping your deck or balcony safe. Most waterproofing options require ongoing maintenance to keep doing their job. For example, traditional wood picket railings require regular painting or staining to keep them looking good and to protect them from rot due to moisture. With Durarail railing systems, the durable powder coated aluminum means no maintenance from you to ensure your railings stand up to the elements. The guardrails on your deck are protected so you don’t have to do anything but relax.

Do you need to use the space under your deck for outdoor storage?

Do you need a place to store gardening supplies, sporting goods or deck furniture you don’t keep out all year? If you have an elevated deck surfaced with Duradek, you have a dry area underneath, creating a convenient outdoor storage area.

Do you barbecue or entertain frequently on your deck?

When cooking, eating and drinking are common activities on your deck, you definitely want an easy to clean surface. Duradek vinyl decks are very easy to clean. For regular cleaning, we recommend 4 times a year. A light scrub with a stiff bristled brush with water and vinyl cleaner will do the trick if the dirt has settled in. To rinse, you can use a spray setting on a garden hose or a low setting on a power washer. Spills should still be wiped up immediately to avoid stains, but a simple wipe does the trick in most cases. Ask your Duradek installer for a remnant piece of vinyl to use under your barbecue for grease drips to avoid a bigger cleaning job on your deck.

Will your deck need to be comfortable on bare feet?

Selecting a Duradek vinyl deck surface is a great choice for tender toes. You don’t have to worry about splinters. Choosing a color from our Cool-Dek selection will hold less heat than some of our darker colors so bare feet will find the surface more comfortable.

Does your deck need to be suitable for children?

You already know that Duradek vinyl deck surfaces are comfortable on bare feet and easy to clean, so a couple of the most important child-friendly features have already been mentioned. One more consideration is that the textured, slip-resistant surface is a great feature for reducing tumbles from excited little people who make the most of their outdoor time…usually at top speed.

Does your deck need to be suitable for pets?

If you have pets, Duradek is a great surface for your deck. You already know it is easy to clean. In practical terms, its durable, slip-resistant surface is just as important for your four-legged friends as it is for the rest of the family. Duradek will not be harmed by animal paws. It would be incredibly hard for even the most determined of chewers to bite through a flat vinyl surface. No teeth are going to chew away at aluminum railing posts like they might with wooden railings.

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