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Why Durarail Over Other Railing System Options?

Consider aluminum’s many uses in today’s world. For decades, aluminum has provided dependable service in windows and siding in the building industry. Its strength and non-corrosive qualities also make it the perfect choice for vehicle chassis, engine blocks and the most demanding of all – the aeronautics industry.

You can be confident that aluminum is the best choice for your deck railing or fencing needs.

Why Alternative Railing Materials are Not a Good Option

The Disadvantages of Vinyl and Composite Railings:

  • Limited color spectrum (dark colors are not available)
  • Large bulky systems are necessary to meet building code requirements
  • Susceptible to expansion and contraction with change in weather

The Disadvantages of Steel Railings:

  • Rusts over time which limits the life cycle
  • Regular painting is required for proper maintenance
  • The process of scraping and painting causes adverse environmental impact

The Disadvantages of Wood Railings:

  • Shortened life cycle due to decay and rot
  • Constant up-keep; Regular paint and stain application required
  • Will attract pests and insects if not treated
  • Treated wood leaches chemicals into the environment upon disposal

Duarail Aluminum Railings – Superior Performance Surpasses all Options

Durarail makes the choice is simple:

  • Long-lasting, reliable railing system that stands up to environmental exposure
  • Very low-maintenance requiring no re-coating
  • Huge variety of attractive options to easily get the look you want
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