Substrate & Assembly Details

Plazadek Floating System Substrate Recommendations

Substrate Requirements

The first step towards a completely waterproofed floating deck system is a properly prepared substrate. All Duradek vinyl options must be installed on a flat, smooth surface; including untreated plywood and concrete.

Some of the overlay options in floating deck systems can create a heavy dead-load. In these cases a consultant should verify the structure can accept the added weight.

Resources for details on substrate preparation:

For more information on substrate preparation, please see our Substrate and Edge Trims page.

For more information on Pedestal and Protection layers, see Techtalk#173 – FAQ on the use of Duradek with Pedestal and Protection Layers.

Plazadek Floating System Detailed Assembly Drawings

  • Collection of all 4 Plazadek Assembly Drawings: PDF
  • Plazadek Assembly – Wood Decking on Sleeper Overlay: A-1: DWG | PDF
  • Plazadek Assembly – Concrete Paver Overlay: A-2: DWG | PDF
  • Plazadek Assembly – Interlocking Stone Overlay: A-3: DWG | PDF
  • Plazadek Assembly – Poured Concrete Overlay; A-4: DWG | PDF
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