Introducing Duradek Ultra Mountain Quartz and Legacy Cottonwood

Surrey, BC, January 20, 2022: Duradek introduces two new colors of vinyl decking for 2022 – Ultra Mountain Quartz and Ultra Legacy Cottonwood. These new colors meet the latest exterior design color trends for grey color palettes in two of Duradek’s most popular patterns.
ULTRA MOUNTAIN QUARTZ is a warm, contemporary mixture of multi-tonal off-white and carbon greys.
The cleverly designed, dual-directional pattern of the Quartz line adds depth and style. Its darker background base tones effectively camouflage light dirt and dust that can accumulate on a deck surface, and the pattern design is exceptional at hiding the seams and detail work.
Following the success of ‘Arctic Quartz’ Duradek recognized the need for a color tone with popular grey options in this exceptional pattern. Mountain Quartz is a darker shade of grey than its counterpart, Arctic Quartz, added to the Quartz Line of naturally inspired textures in 2016.
ULTRA LEGACY COTTONWOOD is a warm, light grey offering high contrast in the pattern with a light base and warm grey accents.
The faux wood pattern of the Legacy line presents a surface that emulates the look and feel of wood grains without the installation issues caused by plank lines.
Cottonwood is an alternative to the popular Legacy Driftwood (the most popular Duradek color of 2021) and is sure to be a hot color for 2022 with the demand for warm grey tones in exterior flooring. Its lighter base offers a higher contrast in pattern, showcasing the faux woodgrain look beautifully.
For full press release with images, see Introducing Duradek Ultra Mountain Quartz and Legacy Cottonwood Vinyl Decking (pdf).

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